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April 15, 2017
Balmain Sailing School - Start

As soon as you’ve learned the ropes of sailing in the Balmain Sailing School, there are many possibilities to you personally: - you, can encounter twilight racing on Sailing class's secret 25 keelboat, you are able to join the staff of a boat and join in our regular events, sail a laser or skiff on your own or simply just unwind on board a vessel that’s cruising the Sydney harbour or going up-and-down our stunning coastline.

The Balmain Sailing class is carried out from club for the BSC, at the bottom of Water Street Balmain in Sydney, while offering a full mix of theory and practice of twelve hours of classes in four by 3 hour, or three by 4 hour, sessions on many different boats.

The Balmain Sailing School is a Discover Sailing Centre approved by Yachting Australian Continent. Our trainers are skilled and are usually all YA certified.

When you sign up for a course, you'll immediately receive membership to the Balmain Sailing Club and a certificate upon conclusion. Account works from July to June, so your membership would be existing to a higher June anniversary.

NOTE: Balmain Sailing class courses look after grownups (minimal age is 18 yrs . old). The Hunters Hill Sailing Club runs figure out how to sail programs made for kiddies aged 7 - 12 many years, visit their site to find out more

Start Sailing 1 Dinghy (Lasers)

This might be an introductory course to sailing with 4 x 3 time Saturday or Sunday Sessions or a week-end intensive program over Saturday and Sunday. Expect you'll get somewhat wet and start to become prepared for a lot of fun as you learn how to sail a Laser. Lasers are little, an easy task to rig and sail. Lasers can be sailed by either one or a couple.

This course is conducted with at the least a YA certified teacher and an Assistant Instructor with a rescue motorboat.

Course cost is $480 per person, minimum of 4 enrolments needed for course going forward, minimum age 18yrs

Yachting Australian Continent Accredited Program

Start Sailing 2 Dinghy (Lasers)

4 x 3 hour Sessions held over four weeks on alternating mornings and afternoons. This course is designed to combine the experiences and understanding gained into the BSC Start Sailing 1 Dinghy (Lasers) course, and present skills and knowledge that enable the successful participant to safely and competently sail a little motorboat in controlled conditions (light winds, encased waters) without guidance.

Yachting Australia Accredited training course

Completion of a YA begin Sailing 1 - Dinghy course is a prerequisite with this program, and this can be finished at BSC or any other Discover Sailing Centres.

Course charge is 0 per person, minimum of 4 enrolments needed for training course to go forward, minimal age 18yrs

Begin Sailing 1 Dinghy (Intrepid - Timber Dinghy)

This will be an introductory course to sailing with 4 x 3 hour Saturday or Sunday Sessions or a week-end intensive course over Saturday and Sunday. Intrepid is a beautiful old-fashioned timber dinghy and it is a perfect watercraft for beginners and those who prefer to get less damp.

Course charge is $480 per individual, the least 2 enrolments required for course going ahead, minimum age 18yrs

Upcoming Program Dates

  • Sundays 15 January, 22 January, 29 January and 5 February 2017, 9am to 12pm.
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Introduction to Sailing – Secret 25

2 x 6 time sessions (or 3 x 4 hour sessions) on successive Saturdays or Sundays. Learn to sail with 3 others on a Magic 25. She's a little yacht with a keel, so she will not point over! On Magic 25, you will find out all of the tips of yachting including hoisting sails, tacking, gybing, helming and sail trim.

Price: $480 per individual, Minimum of 2 enrolments required for program going ahead, minimal age 18yrs

  • 2 x 6 hrs with 30mins for lunch (BYO) on Saturdays 4 February and 18 February from 9:30am to 4pm (***TWO PLACES LEFT***)
  • 2 x 6 hours with 30mins for meal (BYO) on Saturdays 11 March and 25 March from 9:30am to 4pm (***TWO PLACES LEFT***)

Start Helming (amount 2 Keelboats) on secret 25

3 x 4 time sessions on consecutive Sundays. For sailors who possess already completed the learn to sail keelboat course regarding secret, or with "Tookie" at BSC, or at another club; this next course will build up both your theory and useful abilities to let you confidently take over on helm. This course will cover planning regarding the ship, helm and trim on all points of sail, data recovery of man overboard whilst at the helm. Conclusion of the amount 1 program prior is a prerequisite.

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