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December 25, 2017
Black Sails

[WARNING: these story includes spoilers from Saturday's episode of Black Sails. Review at your risk.]

Look that is right back!

Saturday's episode of Black Sails opened with an associate of England's Royal Navy torturing a person on coastline. The person at issue? The believed-to-be-dead Billy Bones (Tom Hopper), who had been last seen falling overboard under mysterious conditions that were possibly regarding his familiarity with Captain Flint's (Toby Stephens) true motivations for shopping the Urca de Lima. Needless to say, Billy's survival could pose big issues for Flint.

"We desired to acquire that Billy is, inside this staff, beloved, " administrator producer Robert Levine tells TVGuide.com. "he is a character that they all respect and love, and loss of him matters. So, the reality that he is back quite definitely features an impact. Both their reduction along with his return have actually possibility of huge reverberations within the staff, and within Flint's story, and the story at large."

Undoubtedly, Billy's torture at the hands of the British recommends an even more nefarious power coming following the pirates among others whose livelihood is dependent on brand new Providence Island. "The hope is the fact that he's the eyewitness that may come-back making it real, " executive producer Jonathan E. Steinberg says. "as he alerts every person this thing is coming, you realize that it isn't theoretical. It is a thing that he experienced and suffered under firsthand."

But will the men think Billy? And can the reality about their small dip in the water some to light? "Both the problem of just how Billy dropped into the water and just what happened to him after he was pulled from the water tend to be vital to understanding whom he's moving forward, " Steinberg goes on. "The Billy story this season is mostly about unpacking exactly what occurred among seasons and how it'll impact him moving forward. There is aspects of mystery to it. There's still many questions into the narrative, and a lot of the power is mastering what precisely happened and what their motives are."

To obtain a clearer image of those motives, TVGuide.com chatted with Hopper about finding its way back through the lifeless, just how much Billy has changed during his ordeal and exactly why he could never be as hell-bent on payback against Flint while you might believe. (Plus: take a look at some exclusive sneak peek pictures!)

Tom HopperBilly's perhaps not dead! Had been you constantly in in the bigger program the creators had for the personality? Tom Hopper: Before i obtained the work, I didn't realize was the storyline line. But halfway to the very first period, John and Robert got in contact with myself and wished to let me know very quickly that I wasn't dead once I read Episode 6. So, that has been great to listen to. It had been very interesting as an actor to see in which they wished to opt for him, what it might be. I understood he was going to be grabbed because of the English and tortured. Nonetheless it became a lot more intriguing and further than that. It's the beginning of altering him as to what he could be in Treasure Island.

Offered their current circumstance, he could want he was dead!
Hopper: That type of torture he's dealing with is basically a kind of extreme sunlight publicity. In addition to leather-jacket, when they afin de water on it, it tightens and causes it to be really hard to inhale. [He has] no water. Therefore, he is acutely dehydrated as soon as we after that see him, he's in a negative method.

When we believe the English are making an effort to get information on Flint or pirates generally, so what does it say about Billy that he hasn't provided all of them up, despite what took place on The Walrus?
Hopper: What it claims about him is he is really devoted on cause. When pirates simply take a vow, it really is a vow of brotherhood for each various other, and Billy's really faithful to that particular. Whether he's faithful to particular guys - for example. Captain Flint - will remain to be noticed, but i believe it surely shows just what he's like as people and exactly why he does what he does. I believe he's got a feeling to the Navy, the English, one other side of civilization in those days. He doesn't want anything to do along with it. But going on from that, he will soon be tested throughout manner of techniques.

Will we ever before learn just what took place between Flint and Billy on the side of that ship final period?
Hopper: I do not think there is always a definitive response. It is difficult to define just what actually transpired regarding bow regarding the ship because neither of these are willing to come clean on what they think happened. There's more mystery because than meets the eye.

So there's maybe not a flashback or a re-contextualization of in which their particular relationship is?
Hopper: there is not necessarily a flashback. It is more everything'll eventually see [when] he comes one on one with Flint again. What will be interesting is always to observe he deals with that, exactly how he would like to move forward, and what he feels is the best for himself in addition to staff moving forward. He'll usually have the staff's most useful interest in your mind, and whatever he seems is the correct thing to do at that moment, he'll take action.

It feels like Billy doesn't necessarily wish revenge, that is surprising. On the other hand, the majority of what Billy has against Flint has recently emerge into the open. Is-it that decreased ammunition that stops Billy from seeking Flint?
Hopper: Yeah, [revenge] just isn't fundamentally inspiring him. Nevertheless when Billy comes back, he can discover just what happened to Gates, and that's perhaps something which keeps him cautious about Flint. He wont always let their complete shield down. It's an unusual sort of ammo he's going to keep, I think.

Do you think letting Flint be for the time being is a good choice for Billy?
Hopper: i do believe he's grown up a whole lot. I believe he is realized just what he must do to survive in this world. Billy today understands that if he can make the correct choices, if they can be in control of the men around him, he then'll be-all right. He knows that society that he's in now's a much tougher world than he possibly as soon as believed it had been, because he knows that there's a threat originating from away from Nassau. So, Flint is an inferior thing to him today.

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