West Beach Sailing Club

December 26, 2023
Next to the Resort

The aim of the club will probably be to produce, motivate and stimulate curiosity about sailing in the Palm seashore County location, to promote fellowship and camaraderie among regional and viewing sailors, and to provide cruising knowledge and instruction to people yet others.

Our Record

The Palm seashore Sailing Club had been founded in 1966 by sailors who wanted to advertise the activity in western Palm Beach. Given that earliest club in the area, the PBSC offers its people numerous sailing relevant solutions and an energetic social calendar. The clubhouse is a waterfront residence built in the 1920s and will be offering a panoramic view of this Intracoastal Waterway and neighboring Palm seashore.

Bob McCormick

Fred Parrulli

Mike Galvin

Matt Woods

Harry McFarlin

Tom Homberger

Commodore: Robert Norvell

Vice-commodore: Sue Slater

Back Commodore: Richard Richardsson

Fleet Captain: Alex Hill

Secretary:John Robertson

Treasurer:Anthony Rate

Past Commodore: George Paddick


The Palm seashore Sailing Club provides its users numerous unique advantages. These generally include numerous personal events each year, such as for instance Christmas time Holiday celebration, the Halloween Party, and well-known end-of-the-month social. Small boat regattas and the club's ever before popular Wednesday evening Race Series stay part of the PBSC's seafaring tradition. The cruising training system introduces new followers towards sport annually. A multitude of account groups is present, all reasonably priced. We welcome that learn more about the many benefits of account by calling the PBSC.

Source: www.pbsail.org
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