14AUG 2017

Best Luxury Charter Yachts for Fitness Fans

Charter yachts are always associated with luxury lifestyle. So if you decided to charter one and you want to enjoy all its benefits such as delights conjured up by your chef, gaining some weight seems unavoidable. Nevertheless, all fitness fans can select a charter yacht with a gym to maintain beach ready body. Just do not forget about the bruleur de graisse puissant that will help you to improve your fitness and make your body look absolutely gorgeous.

It does not matter if your dream of exercising while taking in the sea views or just want to have the best equipment in your superyacht gym, there is always a wide range of choices available.

We would like to provide you with the information about the best 3.

1. Sea Force One

A weekly charter of the Sea Force One will cost you about €250,000. The yacht is worth this money. Raffaele Costa, the owner of the yacht, wanted to create one of the best yachts on the water and his idea succeeded. Sea Force One has an extravagant decor and artwork that make it very special. This unique yacht is considered to be one of the best charter party yachts. It has a DJ console and state of the art LED lighting to make any yacht party unforgettable.

Furthermore, the 54-meter Sea Force One has a sizeable superyacht gym with all equipment you may need to keep your body in good shape. There is also a large screen TV right at the gym to entertain you while you work out.

2. 4 You

The superyacht was created to provide you with all sorts of entertainment. It has extensive dock spaces where you can relax, as well as a large toy box for those interested in having some fun. Furthermore, fitness fans can enjoy both spectacular sea views and daily workouts at the same time. The gym is situated in the shade of the radar arch above the sundeck. Here you will be able to find a cross-trainer, cycling machine, and weights bench. Furthermore, 4You have even more to offer. The 55-meter superyacht also offers a massage room and Jacuzzi.

3. Sweet Escape

Sweet Escape was created to make her guest feel like at private luxury home. It accommodates up to 10 people and provides its guests with various sorts of entertainment, including an extensive range of exciting water toys. Furthermore, a 40-meter motor yacht has a gym where guest will be able to find a weight bench, weights, cross-trainer and balance ball. If you are into yoga, there are some instructional DVDs that will help to make your practice absolutely brilliant even if you are a beginner.

Weekly charter of Sweet Escape will cost you about $95,000.

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