Croton Sailing School

March 15, 2024
2016 EAST Sailing Academy

The EAST Sailing Academy presents young ones and teenagers to small boat sailing and rushing. Younger sailors understand in three groups:

  • Mariners 9-11 yrs
  • Explorers 11-13 yrs
  • Voyagers 13-16 yrs

This program is taught aboard a fleet of over twenty vessels ranging in size from 13 – 24 feet. Beginner and experienced sailors have some fun and are also challenged through talent development in EAST Sailing Academy log-book. Day trips, water fights, Pizza Day, enjoyable prizes and sailing games are often in the forecast at Croton Sailing School’s EAST Sailing Academy!

Explore the EAST Sailing School’s Prezi presentation getting a style of what your experience will undoubtedly be like at sailing camp! Click Here

The student to instructor proportion of this cruising school is at the most six students per trainer. Groups tend to be formed by age and sailing knowledge. EAST Sailing Academy students are elderly 9-16. Each group is assigned its instructor(s) to produce consistency and private interest.

  • Top Gun system: Each week the most effective sailors tend to be chosen from each team to take part in spirited regattas (race) aboard the East Sailing Academy’s fleet of 420’s.
  • Youth Program Fleet: Primary training is provided aboard 420’s, 15’ Cape Cod Mercury’s, and 24’ Rainbows. The EAST Sailing Academy is exclusive in its capacity to offer both little and large ship experience. Safety: Program participants must use your own Flotation unit (PFD) at all times during the docks or on board the boats. Instructors are competed in cruising protection and safe cruising techniques tend to be stressed at all times.
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