Sailing Clubs NYC

March 24, 2024

Harlem Yacht Club

The Harlem Yacht Club is situated on City Island, a nautical community inside the boundaries of New York City that will be renowned for its maritime history. Many America's Cup yachts were constructed on this small island. Situated regarding the western end of extended Island Sound, when you look at the most protect...

# 2

Stuyvesant Yacht Club

Stuyvesant (SYC) is a personal, member-owned boat club and it is found on City Island, the gateway to extended Island Sound—convenient for residents of brand new York City, Westchester County, north New Jersey, and lower Connecticut. We have been in our 120th year of service into cruising co...

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Manhattan Yacht Club

# 4

Mamaroneck Seashore & Yacht Club

Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club keeps a few of the best yachting facilities on extended Island Sound. Among these are an elegant club, individual floating slips, moorings, together with gorgeous reasons of Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht which you could unwind and take a swim after an ou...


Lincoln Harbor Yacht Club

Lincoln Harbor Yacht Club offers more than simply a great location. Situated on 66 acres over the Hudson River directly across from NYC, we offer the complete benefits of a country club setting with the comforts of residence. We have been part of a commercial/residential community designed...

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