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May 31, 2024
May 6, 3023 MIT Sailing Club

Windsurfing on the CharlesThe Sailing Pavilion at MIT hosts a windsurfing group with very diverse skill amounts and experience. Everybody else whom surfs is extremely friendly, and willing to help whether you're simply getting started, or tend to be advancing to intermediate methods. We additionally make occasional trips to nearby windsurfing destinations over the shore.

Introduction to Windsurfing Classes

Absolutely nothing planned

Course size limited to 8 folks, please pre-register.


To remove the sailboards you'll want:

There are three levels of board browsing reviews:

  1. Board Sailing Class:
    Obtained upon completion regarding the Introduction to Windsurfing Class. Acquainted with rigging gear properly plus some extremely primary windsurfing. Tether recommended and look in with dock staff before departing dock.
  2. Board Sailing Fundamental:
    Can set-up newbie gear properly, tack, and sail upwind in light to moderate wind problems (less than 15 knots).
  3. Board Sailing Advanced:
    Can rig shaped (advanced) sails correctly, and tack, jibe, and sail upwind in strong wind conditions (more than 15 knots) with harness.


The windsurfing team hosts the Introduction to Windsurfing courses to introduce newbies into this exciting sport. These classes are about couple of hours very long and concentrate on rigging a windsurf and basic rig handling.

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Beginners and strong wind problems: register with dock-staff to see whether your skills meet up with the needs for safe sailing in current wind problems
  • Dock-staff may ask you to connect you to ultimately the dock with a buoy-rope (do not use a line without buoys)
  • You could ask whether staff has actually time for you to allow you to
  • You have to always put on a lifejacket when windsurfing
  • The space in front of bay 4 is reserved for windsurfing. Keep all gear in this region. Please go your board to this area so that you aren't in the way of other sailors. If you can find tech dinghies on dock, consult the dock staff and get the techs moved to another area.
  • Hang the trunk fin regarding the board on the dock only if launching and landing. Please haul equipment away from the dock’s edge, past the hinge in the floating dock, when not in use.
  • Don't sail into regattas. If you have a competition going on, please stay away from the race area.
  • Keep away from the boat club boats and bridges. If you get stuck truth be told there, swim the boards away from the yachts.
  • Remember to put gear away and roll-up the sail beginning with the top/head. Thus, next person can read the sail specifications.
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