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January 20, 2023
Bass Boat Racing Sunset by

377 Super Scorpion. A unique vessel featured on the liquid at Mercury’s 2001 Orlando supplier conference had been an excellent Scorpion 377 bass ship. The combined project between Mercury Racing and Chub Bryant, owner of Stroker Boats, was designed to show the entire world a substitute for outboards for bass boats. It absolutely was a terrific way to showcase our lightweight, stroked, 377 horsepower, 6.2 liter skiing engine and promote the Super Scorpion 377 small block sterndrive. The overall performance had been excellent in the Stroker bass vessel. But we only couldn’t replace the minds associated with “clamp-on” outboard motor anglers. And therefore’s okay. Mercury has actually loads of options for all of them (understand web log, Application Dependant – Part 1).

The motor had a fruitful run, yet not in bass ships. It became potent energy in smaller solitary and twin-engine offshore recreation boats. (we went one for a season in a Baja H2X and had a blast!) Unfortuitously, the greater exotic and high priced small block never ever could take on the higher value of a basic big block within cost delicate sport ship market. The 377 Super Scorpion morphed, through expense (and power) decrease, in to the successful 320 hp merCruiser 377 Mag.

Deuce tall. Searching through my archives for Rick’s turbine outboard article, I came across another off-the-wall item: Mercury Racing’s ProMax Deuce High. This one had been a full-out manufacturing project. It absolutely was a variety of our fuel injected 2.5 Liter ProMax EFI powerhead and an enhanced propulsion system. The middle section and gearcase were designed from a potpourri of sterndrive and outboard hydrodynamic manufacturing ideas and a rather clever prop clutching unit.

Probably the most special of its design innovations had been its 2-speed automated gearcase. The engine drove two, counter rotating props for a passing fancy axis — like the merCruiser Bravo Three. Unlike the Bravo Three, the props had been sequentially shifting: On initial speed, one prop would free-wheel as the other spooled up quickly. A computer controlled, hydraulic clutch system immediately involved the next prop whenever engine reached a preset torque. This improved opening chance, big-time!

Liquid pickups were included in a detachable skeg. (countless discussion with my employer about the wisdom and value of the stainless “girdle” skeg. We lost.) The totally surfacing gearcase ended up being made to run using complete torpedo over the liquid. Water running under the propeller hubs and torpedo enhanced propeller efficiency and removed torpedo pull.

The counter-rotating, totally surfacing props delivered unparalleled boat speed and incredibly great gas performance; Moreover it improved management and stability because steering loads were neutrally balanced whatsoever planing speeds. The ship was amazing crossing wakes or waves at strange angles – it just monitored like an arrow! Much easier to drive than an average powerful bass boat.

Regrettably, it mayn’t be sold on price of an arrow – similar to a cruise missile. The pricey equipment (two exotic stainless-steel props, the stainless steel girdle/water pickup and also the prop shaft/clutch method) cost too-much the bass marketplace. Deuce High saw one motorboat tv show, however production. Not enough fish hunters would spend the high premium because of its performance. But doggone it, that Deuce tall crazy card flew! (basically are able to find it around here someplace, maybe I’ll put it on a boat and surprise some unsuspecting fisherman.)

These two items taught me personally two crucial business lessons: 1) If a person leads too quickly (also a beneficial application like 377 could be too far ahead for its time), your customers can’t or won’t carry on with – so we fail; 2) If recommended (Deuce High) can’t be produced at a price the buyer views as a worth, they won’t buy – so we fail. Today, we listen even more before we spend to build up new services – and (up to now) we’ve succeeded.

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