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June 11, 2020
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Hi, I love the skytech h100 racing boat, can I buy a spare battery ? Thanks Pete.


Hello Peter,

Thank you for your query.

For the guide:.

Many thanks, inform me if you'd like any help.

Have actually a nice day!

I inquired if the product ended up being transported from Europe, I joined GEARBEST and ended up being directed to a website that offered the delivery from Asia. Too many props if not sent from European countries...Please advise. Chris

Hello golfballs,

We are able to send to European countries, frequently, we are able to send to many countries worldwide.

Many thanks for the interest.

Quanto tempo dura a bateria? Just how many time the battery work?

Hello ILAN,

Charging time: 40~50mins
Playing Time: 7~8mins

Have actually a pleasant day.

Does light on USB Cord that is included with the Skytech H100 modification shade or blink to allow myself know this has a complete charge?

Hello Barb,

Yes, it does. And this is actually the information: Charging time: 40~50mins, Playing Time: 7~8mins.

Source: www.gearbest.com
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