Greek Islands Sailing Holidays

June 6, 2022
Top 3 Greek Islands for

Home of Western civilisation

With over 8, 000 miles of coast and over 2, 000 countries to see, the only method to encounter Greece is through vessel. A Greek sailing getaway lets you explore the ruins of Ancient Greece, test some typically common mezé at friendly waterside tavernas and stop down at a few of the nation’s popular party islands for the right nightlife inside Med.

Use the helm of a beautiful chartered boat and experience extended durations of open water sailing as you strike-out the spread Saronic isles, or enjoy simple line-of-sight exploration through popular Heptanese Islands off Greece’s west coast.

Corfu, Greece

  • Ideal for sailors of most capabilities
  • Coastal cruising and available passages
  • Fine wines of Paxos and Antipaxos

Knowledge degree 1-2 ICC RYA

Explore Corfu, Greece

Lefkas, Greece

  • Simple, rewarding sailing
  • Sail the famous Heptanese Islands
  • Enjoy fantastic watersports

Flotillas knowledge level 1-2 ICC RYA Sailing school

Explore Lefkas, Greece
Ithaca, Greece

Athens, Greece

  • Ancient relics and ruins
  • Exciting blue water cruising
  • Catch the popular Meltemi wind

Flotillas Experience degree 3 ICC RYA

Explore Athens, Greece

Bareboat charter breaks in Greece

Choose your way along the Grecian shore with a bareboat charter getaway, picking your routine and stopping anywhere and whenever you be sure to. Sail throughout the day and celebration all-night or while away the hours reading on deck, sunbathing regarding the coastline or snorkelling when you look at the glassy oceans, the planet is the oyster on a Grecian bareboat vacation.

Greece skippered charter breaks

If you crave the freedom for the Mediterranean with no pressures of establishing sail alone, a skippered charter vacation can be your ideal Grecian getaway. Set your own personal training course and go wherever the feeling takes you in the company of a specialist skipper. Enhance your cruising abilities in safety and enjoy a relaxed way of coastal cruising, with your discrete skippers ensuring your individual area when it's needed.

Greece flotilla holidays

For an even more sociable method of Greek coastal sailing, a flotilla vacation provides the opportunity to make brand-new pals and luxuriate in a public island-hopping trip through a number of Greece’s Aegean and Ionian gems. Set sail together with many yachts led by a seasoned lead crew and luxuriate in evenings on deck or on coast as you soak up the very best of the Grecian nightlife.

An ancient civilisation

Situated during the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa, it’s barely surprising that Greece gave increase to some of the greatest very early civilisations in human history. The damages and relics of those civilisations stay today, just awaiting intrepid travellers to rediscover all of them on an awe-inspiring Greek cruising getaway.

Considered the birthplace of viewpoint, democracy, theatre and lots of regarding the modern sciences, Greece has actually a legacy that couple of other destinations on the planet can match. Sail through the Ionian and Aegean seas and encounter old history, wide sandy beaches, inviting tavernas and nightspots that never sleep.

Grecian shows

From the ancient capital of Athens into picturesque island of Corfu in the north and unspoilt Lefkas into the eastern, Greece is a nation of unparalleled variety, profound tradition, wealthy record and pure beauty.

Greece’s quiet, traditional fishing villages, cosmopolitan metropolitan areas and secluded anchorages provide an ideal substitute for the nation's lively party spots. The Aegean islands are ideal for diving and snorkelling, with incredible regional wildlife including uncommon sea turtles for all fortunate enough to identify all of them. With much to see and do on a Greek sailing getaway, one trip is scarcely adequate.

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