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December 13, 2015
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Our sailing School works every year to instruct men and women the happiness of cruising. You'll figure out how to sail within a couple weeks aided by the Kogarah Bay Sailing Club Sailing class. The program is carried out by experienced sailors making use of boats supplied by the club.

Places are available for this year’s program which starts in November, and runs each Sunday for 5 weeks. Typical everyday programme during days 1 to 5 includes principle & useful lessons each day, making use of safe, non-capsizing Access 303 sailboats. Each student then gets the possibility to join the staff of an RL24 or a Laser within the mid-day for the short-course race.

Just how much does it price?

This can be a free solution to totally paid-up club users ($56 for juniors and $143 for seniors). Including the full years account at Kogarah Bay Sailing Club and all gear and products for program.

What time does it function?

Each course starts at 10.00AM and finishes at 12.00PM. Please arrive between 9.30AM and 9.45AM each Sunday the course operates.

Which should go to our Sailing School?

Anybody who enjoys the water. Parent and son or daughter teams are welcome as are individuals of any age. a mother or father or guardian can attend each concept with all the pupil to aid set up and pack away equipment and ships.

KBSC will provide everything you need

Security for our sailors is our main focus. Properly, each pupil must use a lifejacket & enclosed footwear. The Kogarah Bay Sailing Club will give you a lifejacket additionally the cruising dinghies utilized each day. Pupils should offer a hat and sunscreen and enclosed footwear (reef shoes, canvas shoes or rubberized boating shoes).

What to deliver?

Pupils will need enclosed footwear, hat and sunscreen, a change of garments, and a towel for once they get wet. The club has showers for people, students and site visitors.

Just who to make contact with?

Kindly contact Martin O'Shannessy on 0419 988 035, or make use of the type from the ENQUIRE then loss above, or deliver a message to:
Source: www.kogarahbaysailingclub.com.au
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