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February 25, 2022
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My very first number of styles (now known as our 'Timeless Designs') was developed in the sixties and seventies is designed with simple, non-power tools: hand saws, hammer, planes, chisels, fingernails and urea formaldehyde/resorcinol glue. These people were hard, rugged, buildable anywhere styles. Applying this well proven, simple building strategy, with epoxy utilized in a less crucial means would give a design capable of being built by 'island carpenters'.

Construction strategy and material affects the styling of a design. Using our 'Vintage Building Method' means the suggested 8 ton-cargo-carrying catamaran would look like our 'Classic Designs' of history. This is good, the type of this design would echo the 'hard line' styling regarding the Proas of Marianas perhaps not the more curvy softer lines regarding the old Hawaiian craft, which our PAHI craft echoes.

Others have built TEHINIs and sailed the oceans (as described in an article by Iain teenage, published in 'Multihulls' Sept/Oct '96). The past several years a TEHINI has been exchanging over the East African coast, Madagascar and Comoro Islands beneath the redoubtable skipper, Hans Klaar, showcased in July '98 problem of 'Cruising World'. With a great deal practical experience and cruising data, the new 65ft. 'ISLANDER' or even give it its Pacific name' VAKA MOTU', just 'leapt' off the attracting board, desperate to be built and get sailing with a cargo carrying capacity of 8 ton+.

The 'ISLANDER 65' with a waterline hull beam/length ratio of 12:1(11:1 deeply packed), will undertake the water with minimal wave drag at speeds of 1.5 x vWLL plus, giving effortless twenty four hours averages of 150 to 200 kilometers (much more if driven in perfect sailing problems).

To push this lady at these averages she's the same sail rig as our PAHI 63, the 'TIKI' smooth wing schooner rig. We understand this rig could be managed by two different people in gale conditions, reefed with a following wind and provides good sail drive (if slashed by a trained sail manufacturer) 37-40° off the apparent wind.

As a young guy, Mau Piailug ended up being sailing ocean-going Proas with a Crab Claw Rig. Hans Klaar sails their trading TEHINI in addition with a Crab Claw Rig. We therefore designed this rig in addition the ISLANDER, with less sail location as compared to Wing Sail Rig considering dealing with troubles, but effective in winds of l6 knots upward.

Engine power to choice is delivered from the deck of this 'ISLANDER 65' via the Pacific Rim, 'long-tail' system. Whenever boat is sailing, the propeller and shaft tilts out from the water to prevent drag. When the motor goes wrong, servicing on deck makes it simple to find!! machines are necessary to meet up schedules, for inside and outside of harbours, but they usually do not motivate myself.

So what does provide me personally a unique satisfaction within design is specifying the usage bamboo and bamboo mats for platform decking. Bamboo is nature's 'high tech fiber'. Contemporary western guy has not yet however learnt utilizing it. I can begin to see the time whenever Kevlar and carbon fiber will likely to be elbowed out by the sweetness product 'bamboo', a material this is certainly both beautiful to look at, low in price and easily green.

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