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August 15, 2020
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All pupils of Spinnaker Sailing's courses get competent included in the discovering process.

Within discovering around, we always tend to be 100% prepared and even more importantly, 100percent confident of the skills on bay area Bay

Yes, we DO offer bareboat charters to Qualifed Sailors which didn't undergo their particular cruising instruction with us.

If you have checked around San Francisco Bay you might have learned nearly every various other business cannot offer bareboat charters to non-members of that business's sailing club. Bay area Bay is infamously tough to sail. The mixture of large winds, quickly currents and huge vessels all-around you make SF Bay a sailors mecca, for everyone with the correct abilities, or a sailors nightmare for all without.

Concern perhaps not, for the checkout charge of $100 we are going to enable you to get examined and make certain you're prepared when it comes to Bay. Take note: The checkout procedure is two-fold. If you're ASA or United States Sailing Certified send united states a copy of logbook including certifications therefore won't need to use the written examinations. If you should be maybe not, be prepared to just take two written examinations before we are going to even schedule you when it comes to on-water checkout. ANYONE takes the on-water checkout. There is no other method to show your skills compared to one of our captains to witness you underway.


  • The checkout process isn't official certification. It is only to show your skills to us so our insurance provider will underwrite your cruising. We do provide the ASA official certification procedure. This takes a lot longer and requires additional charges towards United states Sailing Association. Ask us to find out more on getting qualified.
  • Anticipate the written examinations to take approximately 2 hours. There are 2 test for every level of checkout.
  • The on-water checkout test can run from half an hour to 1.5 hours, depending on your talent.
  • You may signal a charter agreement and post a damage deposit when it comes to watercraft you are checking out on. The deposit ranges from $2000 - $5000 with regards to the ship. Any damage you created while looking into can be your responsiblity up to the level of deposit. Over that amount the insurance company pays.
  • Unless you pass the written exams, you fail the checkout and we also wont scedule the on-water section.
  • Passing Needs
  • On-Water Exam 100% (yes, you should know 100per cent of simple tips to setup within the boat, run the engine, dock the watercraft, raise sails, MOB, etc)
  • The point where you fail anything during on-water test, we return towards the dock. There is no instructional component to the checkout test.
  • Private Lesson Before Checkout?

    It is an excellent option for people who've never ever sailed SF Bay but have loads of sailing experience and perhaps are also certified somewhere else. We shall set you with our outstanding captains that will be sure you tend to be 100% up to date on all of the skills before your checkout. If you flunk, are going to honest and suggest a path for you really to follow towards checkout or official certification. The least 3 hours ($85/hr) plus prorated motorboat prices.

    Indeed, think about a skippered charter. There are a few advantages to this:

  • You don't have to publish a damage deposit as our United States Coast Guard certifed Captain is within cost.
  • You'll sail the vessel the maximum amount of or as little as you desire
  • It can be a fantastic discovering knowledge. Make use of the Captain's knowledge and ability
  • At the end of the charter, you simply step off the motorboat. The Captain pumps the holding container, docks the watercraft and cleans the girl up.
  • Saves some time costs nearly the same as a non-member bareboat charter.
  • Sailing often?

    Think of joining the sailing club. People conserve $235 in one time's charter aboard our Catalina 320's versus the non-member price. Users have numerous various other priviledges too.

    Weekday prices (member rate on remaining in yellow)

    + Basic Coastal Cruising Certificates Required
    ++ Intermediate Coastal Cruising Certificates Required
    +++ Advanced Coastal Cruising Certification Required

    Weekend Rates (user rate on remaining in yellow)

    + Basic Coastal Cruising Certification Required
    ++ Intermediate Coastal Cruising Certificates Required

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