Sailing on the ships of heaven

October 19, 2020
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By Blackhawk

Cannot cry in my situation whenever I'm gone
Keep the faith and start to become strong
'Cause through it-all i have been blessed
We encountered my fears
And I've passed the test
When you look up in the sky
On a bright day
Imagine me drifting away

I will be cruising on boats of paradise
As soon as the tide rolls aside for
Last time
You will find me personally sailing from the ships of heaven
Waiting around for your day
I-come cruising back

Remember all the times we'd
Some had been great and some had been unfortunate
However realize that in the end
Our love ended up being stronger when we began
No unforgiven sins no regrets
Simply the times of our resides that people'll
Always Remember

i will be sailing in the vessels of heaven
As soon as the wave rolls on the
Last time
You'll find me personally cruising on the vessels of paradise
Awaiting the afternoon
I come sailing back to you

I'll be sailing on ships of heaven
If the wave rolls completely for
Last time
You will find me sailing on the boats of paradise
Looking forward to your day
I-come cruising back to you

When the tide rolls aside for
Last time
You will discover me personally cruising on vessels of paradise
Waiting around for the afternoon
I come cruising back to you

On vessels of heaven
I-come cruising back...

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