National Sailing Club

October 7, 2022
Welsh National Sailing Academy

“NSPS totally rejuvenates our entire staff and gets us stoked up about the future period. It Provides us new tips to adjust or add to our present programs.”
– Jen Guimaraes, Lake Champlain Community Sailing

“You have folks who are at the beginning of their particular career and taking their particular first tips into management and yourself have people who have been working programs for 25 many years. It’s a great cross-section of people in attendance.”
– Morgan Collins, Lake Woodland Yacht Club

“What’s nice usually this occasion brings everybody in the industry collectively, so you have many exposure to a great deal understanding on the problems from organizations all over nation.”
– Justine O’Connor, San Francisco Yacht Club

The nationwide Sailing products Symposium (NSPS) may be the premier occasion for cruising knowledge in america. NSPS is the just seminar of its type that offers system directors, instructors, volunteers, parents and industry associates to share and learn best practices together about operating, keeping and improving sailing programs. Our objective should have members appearing out of the symposium with suggestions to connect with their particular sailing programs, make sure they are better which help them grow.

Considering that the cruising programs symposiums began in 1984, tens of thousands of attendees have taken benefit of this excellent chance to analyze and boost their curriculums, their business techniques and their particular missions. In 2015 NSPS will have more activities than ever where you are able to invest led and focused time networking along with your colleagues, discovering from industry frontrunners and producer representatives, and experiencing keynote presentations from probably the most accomplished and greatest known cruising luminaries in the world.

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