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May 7, 2020
Ripon Sailing Club s new

Wednesday 8th February, 7:15pm on clubhouse - Racing Tactics at Ripon

For many regular racers and newbies. There are numerous explanations why to top racers in the club get where they've been which program will drop some light on the techniques adopted whenever starting a race and on the windward legs. We shall you will need to get this specific to rushing regarding the pond at Ripon, and ideally offer some pointers that you can use to enhance your own positions during 2017 period. This program may be hosted on my own and ably assisted by Richard Pryke and Chris Wright, each of who have numerous many years of rushing experience at Ripon and an intimate understanding of the vagaries of winds here.

Wednesday 22nd February, 7:15pm at clubhouse - Racing Tactics at Ripon

This will be one last follow on session into the 8th Feb and certainly will cover the tactics used in the downwind feet as well as the final knee, once again hopefully supplying some pointers that can be used to improve your roles throughout the 2017 season. This session will also be hosted by myself, Richard Pryke and Chris Wright.

The bar would be open for every single occasion and we hope that as much of you as you can come along and revel in yourselves, experience sailing colleagues, collect a couple of pointers even though away the winter months in preparation for after that season!

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