Shoreline Sailing Club

October 8, 2016
Photo/Shoreline Sailing Club
  • Social Outing: Dinner, Drinks, film, and Mingle Dinner and drinks at Penny Lane Pub followed by Amadeus at "The Kate." Note: this is simply not the initial movie; that is a... Learn more
  • Location is shown simply to users Thursday, February sixteenth Winter Dance: Mardi Gras! Laissez les bons temps roulez! Mardi Gras comes at the beginning of 2017 for Shoreline Sailing Club as soon as we celebrate our annual... Learn more

    Hosted by: Joy (Organizer), and Jim (Rail animal meat)

    This Meetup repeats regarding 3rd Thursday of any thirty days

  • The Shoreline Sailing Club is a wonderful group of single people whose members share sailing/boating opportunities in one of the best cruising areas in the united states... discover more

    This Meetup repeats on 1st Thursday of every thirty days

  • Requirements a place not far off We are using Twitter as one other way to get the word out for club events and basic sailing information. Join the facebook page more
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