Sailing School Maine

September 2, 2017
Maine Coast Sailing | Outward

All courses need higher level registration. Please call us for a schedule and register. The ships we utilize for classes are the Cape Dory 19. Gratuities for teachers are considerably appreciated.

Children and younger mature Classes

10 hours (2.5 hours every day for 4 days), $205.00 per student. 3 individual minimal.

With student/teacher ratios of only 4:1 pupils will learn how to steer in many different boats that fit their particular size and ability. After that with an emphasis on Safety, Fun and Learning, you will see the genuine life recreation of sailing. Our goal would be to have each student sailing their watercraft within a week.

Adult Classes

6 hours ( 3 hours daily for 2 times), $123.00 per pupil. 3 person minimum.

Learn to function a small sailboat within the protected oceans of Webb Cove in a variety of climate conditions. Off and on water classes will coach you on how exactly to safely and effortlessly leave a mooring, or dock, maneuver through the points of sail, and return from various sides. You will end up introduced to sailing terms, theory, practices, and hands-on application. Nor above 4-5 pupils plus teacher per ship.

5 hours (can do in one day or put into 2 times), $102.50 per pupil. 3 individual minimal.

If you have already taken our Basic Sailing course or have had other formal learning cruising, but need extra instruction and practice from the water, you can enroll in Intermediate Sailing. This can combine overview of cruising axioms and ways to get the self-confidence you have to be a much better sailor. Refine your talent in trimming the sails, reading the wind and liquid, and developing a far better understanding of cruising principle. Only 4-5 pupils plus instructor per ship. Private classes may provided.

Person Refresher

5 hours (may do in one day or divided in to 2 days), $102.50 per student. 3 individual minimal.

If you have taken sailing classes before or learned how exactly to sail by yourself but wish time regarding water with a teacher to clean on your skills, this Adult Refresher course shall help you do this. Provided weekly, you are able to join one session or a number of. You'll review protection treatments and right-of-way principles, get even more confidence inside sailing...

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