Classic sailing Yachts

October 6, 2019
Classic Sailing Yachts

Dating back to to 1987, the Hoek range of classic yachts is made of custom-designed and custom-built jobs developed in close cooperation with proprietors. Varying in proportions from 33 to 262 feet, these sloops, schooners and ketches all have their unique interiors, sail programs and layouts.
Exactly what all Hoek classics have commonly could be the way they incorporate a classic hull form and above-water styling with a contemporary underwater setup. The initial styles with a wing keel and spade rudder had been the 70-foot sloop Joss together with 70-foot ketch Kim; their unprecedented overall performance and manoeuvrability were regarded as a genuine breakthrough in yachting. Hoek Design became the frontrunner in ‘classic above/modern below’ way of yachting.
And, as shown by styles such as the 37 feet Wallynano and Athos (203 foot), an extensive range and an ongoing commitment to brilliance permit united states to steadfastly keep up a prominent position to this day.

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