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May 5, 2017
Black Sails Episodes | STARZ

Black Sails is defined to be dry docked after Season 4, Starz announced on Wednesday.

The 10-episode fourth season, premiering in 2017, discovers the pirates at war within the western Indies. As a result, the shores of the latest Providence Island haven't been bloodier, nevertheless better civilization concerns defeat, the greater amount of desperately — and destructively — it will react.

“It’s an uncommon privilege in television is because of the form of imaginative freedom we’ve enjoyed on this show during the last four many years, ” sets co-creator Jonathan E. Steinberg stated in a declaration. “whilst it ended up being an arduous choice for all of us in order to make in 2010 our last, we just couldn’t imagine anything beyond it that could make for a significantly better ending to the tale nor an even more all-natural handoff to [the tale of] Treasure Island.”

Stated Starz managing manager Carmi Zlotnik: “Jon Steinberg and Robert Levine, with their staff and phenomenal cast, have actually delivered an amazing take on the essential legendary pirate tale in literary works, which final period will bring us to the shores of Treasure Island as ended up being always intended…. We could not be much more happy with this very unique show.”

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