HBO Black Sails

February 13, 2017

It's the very first few days of this month, which means you have actually countless brand-new titles on your own preferred streaming solutions.

What exactly is brand new upon Starz this February? Let us see!

From new programs and interviews to blockbuster hits you could have missed, here is what's a new comer to online streaming on the weekend.

Who ya gonna call?

A new Netflix research reports in the online streaming behaviors of "superfans." And guess what? There's lots of them around.

"we now have even more flicks than HBO, we now have more movies than Showtime, and our originals tend to be beginning to get considerable grip."

Recently view Chelsea do drugs, the pirates of Ebony Sails, and return associated with X-Files.

Black Sails has actually lesbian love scenes, intense brawls, plus the many dangerous pirate of all time.

If some of those actions pique your interest, get hooked on Ebony Sails before its third period debuts the next day evening.

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