Jet Boat Racing Australia

July 12, 2017
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img - Keith1What began as a fundraiser for a struggling country tv show is quick becoming one of the greatest annual activities in regional South Australian Continent.

Diesel and Dirt Derby committee president, Glen Simpson, says he hopes the jet motorboat rushing helps improve audience figures to 10, 000, up from 6500 in 2010.

Glen says becoming taunted by mates which he couldn’t do so and an aspire to keep building brand new elements towards the successful Diesel and Dirt format was sufficient inspiration to organise the function. The novelty of holding a boat competition in a town practically 100km from any major body of liquid had also helped generate interest.

“It’s got individuals speaking, the community’s embraced it but they’re still wondering how we’re likely to get it done all, ” Glen states.

Blog508px - jet sprint2Once dug, the track are capped with clay to keep the water in and a three-metre protection fence built around it.

The dirt dug-out from track would be used to develop grassed spectator watching piles.

“As shortly as we obtain the locate they’ll bring a few boats over from Melbourne or Adelaide and test drive it to ensure it's all safe, ” he claims.

“As soon as we got regarding the committee that they had $400 inside lender. It took a few years to make it round but we got some sponsors and enhanced the gate figures from hundreds as much as thousands, ” he states.

“Then we introduced a Diesel and Dirt Derby as a fundraiser the tv show and we’re to about our 5th one. We started out with 500 individuals the first time and it’s grown.

“We’re hoping to bring people in from out from the location. We’re longing for about 10, 000 in March, we'd 6, 500 in 2010 and we’re trying to take it to the next level.

“But we’re in addition wanting to be mindful that it doesn’t overshadow the show because the show’s a very important part of the community.”

“It’s putting Keith from the chart for the right explanations – perhaps not a hospital finishing or a small business going bankrupt – it offers provided a little bit of a morale boost for the location, ” he said.

The jet sprint racing is planned to be the opening round of this 2017 championship and will be the very first time V8 jet ship rushing happens to be held in South Australia because the Currency Creek track was made use of significantly more than a decade ago.

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