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September 23, 2022
Ocean racing boats Gallery

The Volvo Ocean Race could be the world’s longest professional wearing occasion and leading overseas cruising competition. It started in 1973 while the Whitbread Round the World Race, but a lot has changed because the first ships left England in the beginning of the first edition. However, the essence of competition remains the same and it's also established among the huge three worldwide sailing activities worldwide combined with the America’s Cup and the Olympic Games.

Because the very first competition, the ships have grown to be quicker, the teams tend to be expert sailors at the top of their particular online game, and also the technology, especially in regards to communications, has evolved hugely. Though the ocean never changes in addition to competition across the world is still a person challenge and a battle from the elements.

For days at any given time, the sailors endure problems ranging from freezing cool to searing temperature, while waves continuously slam the motorboat. Even while, they truly are under persistent pressure to execute at their particular top and gain fractional benefits that may, in the end, suggest the difference between winning and losing. The very first 43 many years have observed amazing victories and feats of seamanship also tragedy, with five sailors destroyed at sea over the years.

In 1998, Volvo became the new owner of the race, and renamed it the Volvo Ocean Race. The 2017-18 version could be the 13th edition.

The Volvo Ocean Race relocated from England this year and contains been situated in Alicante, Spain ever since then. The waterfront Race Headquarters provides the state-of-the-art Race Control, from where in fact the ships are tracked continuously around the world utilizing sophisticated maritime technology and satellite communications.

Race Boat

When it comes to 13th version, beginning in 2017, the teams will compete inside Volvo Ocean 65 one-design, a course of identical ships that cannot be modified by any means. The seven ships built for 2014-15 will race once again and will also be augmented by a number of new ships built determined by group needs. The ships would be completely amount and you will see no advantage to be attained in racing a primary or second-generation motorboat.

The introduction of the Volvo Ocean 65 in 2014-15 not just lowered the cost of a competitive campaign by around 50per cent, but in addition made the function more accessible to brand-new rivals. By providing a boat that is equal in all aspects, even more focus is placed from the crews’ performance and techniques rather than on ship design.

Volvo Ocean 65s are designed to a design by Farr Yacht Design, responsible for five winning entries in 11 past editions of event. The first seven ships were built by a consortium of four boatyards in Italy (Persico), France (Multiplast), Switzerland (choice) therefore the UNITED KINGDOM (Green Marine), however any subsequent boats needed for the 2017-18 Race are built entirely by Persico in Italy.

The watercraft are sold ‘ready to sail’ and will be maintained through the competition by The Boatyard.

The Boatyard is a provided upkeep center, that has been initially introduced in 2014-15 included in the one-design concept to make sure the optimum condition of this fleet throughout the race at a minimum costs to each staff.


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