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December 14, 2021
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BEGIN PROCEDURE: All boats (except SUPERCLASS individuals) 24′ long or less will start prior to the start sequence throughout the industry. The 24’ ships will begin close to Island Grissom making use of an independent start boat and flags.

The length would be the same and their time adjusted towards the main field’s begin time. The entire battle winner and roles depends on this adjusted time. For example: group no. 1 (24’boat) finished the battle first in 1:02:30 and team # 2 (over 24’boat) completed the battle after that in 56:45, staff # 2 is considered the general winner.

The treatments when it comes to start of battle will likely be explained at length at the Driver, Observer & Navigator Meeting.

This conference is required for many teams competing.

The conference will take care of: estimated begin times (subject to weather conditions), how the times are staged prior to the begin, driver’s license drop-off, the start sequence, turn specifics, basic safety principles and just about every other important information which will be useful in doing the most thrilling begin in waterski racing.

The creating range for the Catalina Ski Race would be the imaginary range between the oil countries White (left part) and

Grissom (next to the marina). The participant’s vessel cannot breech this range before battle has officially begun.

The beginning series will use the usage two boats carrying a big red-flag. They will certainly proceed from the beginning ship

toward the biggest market of the starting line, then submit separate instructions at line, and head toward each island. Approximately 5 minutes later on, both boats will return toward the center of the beginning line carrying large yellowish flags. This informs individuals your begin is roughly two mins away.

Following the two minutes have expired, the Honorary Starter will fire the flares signifying the beginning of the battle.

The competition cannot begin through to the Coast Guard and Lifeguards have actually because of the fine plus the starter feels it really is safe to start.

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