Swift Racing boats

September 21, 2022

Welcome to the homepage of Swift Racing, probably the biggest and definitely the quickest developing rowing motorboat organization these days.

Since Swift had been created in 2005, complete product sales of rowing boats have actually exceeded 4, 500 boats as at April 2012, with 900 ships offered in 2011 alone.

While it is pleasing to see our company grow such, our real pleasure arises from the knowledge that everything we do, needs to be what many rowers and groups wish a rowing boat organization to-be performing.
Once we have cultivated, we proceeded to invest in an increasing variety of rushing and non-racing moulds (31 moulds as at end of April 2012). Our components and fixtures are tested completely by consumers in every kinds of conditions, and all comments has been utilized to develop all of them even more. Present advancements include a stiffer shoe plate, tougher shoes, and a artwork system.

Regards boats, you can expect various grades of building to satisfy the assorted requirements of your many clients, but ensure top-notch throughout the whole range. Likewise you can expect 4 rigger kinds, each of that has certain merits, suitable for various clients.

On top of that we've continued to build up our customer support, with vendors in 41 nations, and a dedicated employee to maintain our clients in countries without a supplier.

In Spring 2010 we established Swift Racing GmbH in Berlin, to offer backup to your suppliers around Europe, plus enhance the rental of ships to nationwide teams at the FISA and other significant regattas in European countries. Our distributors outside of Europe may also be able to organize the renting of boats for events, therefore please get in touch if you or your group need boats regarding foreign races.

“Quality doesn’t have to come at a high price.” This has already been our motto right from the start, and is a lot more true these days.

To learn more about our boats, kindly look around. For enquiries, please find the supplier for your nation on our “Distributor contacts” web page, or us “contact united states” type.

Eventually I would like to state a huge thank-you to everyone active in the success of Swift Racing, specifically our respected consumers. Together with your assistance we shall consistently develop.

Swift International Limited
Lushan Industrial Park, Lushan District,
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