St. John Boat Races

September 28, 2022
Ionian Rally Ionian Rally

Friday Night!

Show & Shine Downtown St. John 4:00 - 7:00 PM

  • Shop, eat & enjoy Downtown St. John!
  • Meet up with the teams & start to see the ships up close
  • Buy Tickets & Slough Gear
  • There will be a free of charge shuttle working involving the Slough & Downtown.
  • Starting at 3:30 and working until many people are (out from the Tavern and) straight back during the Slough.
  • Picture: Dale P. Nunn

    Gates available at 9:00am & rushing begins at 10:00am

    Day Parking at the Slough is $1 per car.

    This cost is split between the SJE Football Team, FBLA & the purchase of grass seed for replanting inside fall.

    • Handicap parking is situated beside the main gate & pass booth.

    • you can expect free tennis cart shuttles to assist anyone in need of help addressing their particular chair of choice.

    Discover an ATM inside spectator location.

    No external alcohol when you look at the spectator area. All coolers and bags is going to be examined.

    Various other meals and beverages tend to be acceptable.

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