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February 26, 2016

Welcome to the initial realm of Blarney Island Drag Boat Racing. Now entering its 36th season, Blarney Island on Grass Lake (Antioch, IL) is the just location on the planet where high performance drag watercraft race occurs any Thursday Evening, from Memorial Day to work Day. That is bare-knuckles, heads-up, ‘race-what-you-brung’ drag rushing. The racecourse length is about 800 feet and it's also located on an open lake. The notoriously choppy waters have actually given Blarney Island racers a reputation if you are both fast and fearless.

Anchoring away and viewing the events is the best free racing activity you could get! The front line into the race course *Blarney Island pier parking* is set aside, or pay by competition evening places. The pit location is race watercraft parking SOLE! These are set aside from 5:30 to 7:30 (or battle closing). Once the races are over, all slips tend to be yet again ready to accept FREE parking.

There is also an expanded area of FREE parking on Blarney Island during competition nights, now such as the brat bar line. Please view the parking map below free-of-charge vs. RESERVED vs RACER JUST parking.

All battle members are people in the Northern Illinois Drag vessel Association (NIDBA), the race occasion sanctioning company, which manages the regular competition occasions. Blarney Island Corporation could be the sponsor and competition promoter.

Would you like to Race on Thursday nights? The NIDBA is thrilled to be a resource in assisting you with becoming an associate, discovering the racing principles and other sailing regulations. Please contact NIDBA when you yourself have any questions or are interested in-being part of the NIDBA.

The NIDBA will attempt to allow for most any person ready to competition. If your gear will not be detailed or perhaps you feel your gear doesn't quite fit among classes right here, feel free to get in touch with the NIDBA. They're going to finances for it to have your equipment inspected for protection and supply you with a class assignment.

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