Boat races, Key West

October 7, 2023

Experience the most useful Views for the competition

Climb aboard an advanced Fury Catamaran and experience the most useful chair in the home when it comes to 36th Annual Key western World Championship Power boat-race. There's no better way to watch this dazzling event than aboard one of our roomy catamarans. We’ll place you so near to the activity you’ll feel like you’re inside driver’s chair. Feel the roaring thunder since these high power super machines competition by at rates of over 100 miles hourly. Feel the heart-pounding thrill and pleasure regarding the competitors. Come and join us for every day of Speed, Fun, and Sun.

Our catamaran lies at the end of the race course directly. You'll have a one-mile view associated with very ships nearing at full speed watching in awe as they make their particular turnaround our catamaran and take-off at high-speed across the various other parallel one mile directly.

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