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August 17, 2019
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The PSC Racing Squadron provides users a chance to develop their racing skills here on the Potomac River in an aggressive however friendly sailboat racing environment. Even although you have actually raced sailboats prior to, there are the Upper Tidal Potomac a worthy challenge. For people who have never raced, the greater calm rushing environment of this Pentagon Racing Squadron offers a great chance to find out.


The Racing Squadron is open to all Club members just who hold an ongoing PSC account and just who currently hold or have challenged an United States Naval Sailing Association (USNSA) fundamental Keelboat Skipper score (B-KBS) or an American Sailing Association (ASA) 101 score. Squadron people must stay glued to PSC and rushing Squadron policies on Sportsmanship and security.

Benefits of Pentagon Rushing

Racing Squadron account includes the annotated following:

  • Year-round racing into the after Daingerfield Island Sailing Club (DISK) races:
  • Titanic Series (January - March)
  • Spring Sunday Series (March - April)
  • Tuesday Night KISS Series (April - September)
  • Fall Classic Series (September - October)
  • Weekend Regattas: Cherry Blossom, Geico Cup, Leukemia Cup
  • PSC-hosted race clinics and education
  • Account in DISC, involvement in DISC race centers and personal occasions
Reputation for Pentagon Racing

The Pentagon Sailing Club rushing Squadron ended up being founded in 2006 whenever PSC people John Cavedo and Charlie Peck decided to train several Pentagon Sailing users in sailboat race, the nuances of sail trim, and ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing. This system expanded to a formal status in 2007, whenever PSC built an official Racing Squadron using its own charter, certification procedure and Squadron Rules for the Road. To facilitate greater battle opportunities, PSC teamed with the Dangerfield Island Sailing Club (DISC), the sponsor of our Tuesday night and a lot of of our week-end events regarding the river.

Tuesday Evening Rushing

Tuesday Night racing regarding Pentagon Sailing Club Capri 22 fleet emerges from April through October. Tuesday Night events tend to be hosted by the Daingerfield Island Sailing Club, and gives members a good possibility to develop their particular skills while rushing against a fleet greater than 20 boats on a typical night.

Racers reach the Capital Cove Marina at Joint Base Anacostia Bolling around 4:15PM to have their staff and vessel project and also to make-ready the boats for each race. Ships leave the dock at 5:30PM, and races start at 6:30PM. Boats return to Capital Cove prior to sunset, as well as the Squadron usually has a post-race dinner collectively inside PSC club.

Regattas and Invitation Races

Pentagon Racing participates in lot of weekend regattas and invitational races each year. The Cherry Blossom Regatta is held in April; the GEICO Cup is held in June; together with Leukemia Cup Regatta is held in September. Irrespective of moderate fundraising demands when it comes to Leukemia Cup, all three associated with regattas come with Pentagon Racing membership.

Pentagon Racing Account Costs

Racing Squadron membership is year-long, working from 15 March of present year to 14 March of next 12 months. Racing Squadron membership costs are $250 for a full period and pro-rated for a partial period centered on join date. Reverse partial period rates are available for people who join the Racing Squadron in March but who are struggling to complete the full season, for example due to a military change of place.

Source: www.pentagonsailing.org
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