Hamilton Island Sailing

December 21, 2021
Australia s largest offshore

The active harbour and facades of the stores on Front Street welcome sailors to Sunsail, and supply a fantastic starting place for your Whitsundays cruising getaway. The facilities on Hamilton Island, many visited island inside Whitsundays, are world-class and provide all you need to plan a sailing adventure in this gorgeous area of the globe.

Close by there’s an excellent shopping village for anyone important provisioning products and additional afield the hawaiian islands fifty-acre park offers the quintessential Australian experience, enabling you to get fully up close and private with kangaroos, koalas, goannas and a lot of other indigenous wildlife.

For many desiring some nightlife, the island provides many restaurants, the Marina Tavern (perfect for an afternoon beverage watching the sun's rays go down), and Bohemes Nightclub. Come and meet up with the residents, but dont a bit surpised in the event that you satisfy a lot more people from Australia's capital cities, as Hamilton Island really is the countries cruising playground.

The number of watersports are another significant destination of the area, in which visitors can snorkel the nearby red coral home gardens, and dive amongst the exotic fish. Glide over the liquid on a jet skiing or slow the pace down with a gentle paddle in a kayak and explore the nearby bays and inlets. But bear in mind, with a Sunsail vessel it is simple to explore the remaining 73 islands into the Whitsundays.


  • You can moor in the marina at Hamilton Island Yacht Club

Activities to do:

  • There are plenty of watersports to choose from; jet snowboarding, snorkelling, diving and kayaking among others.
  • Make the bush safari travel to discover in close proximity and personal kangaroos, koalas alongside native Australian wildlife.
  • Take advantage of the Marina Tavern, Front Street shops, Bohemes Nightclub and various restaurants.


  • All modern-day amenities you'll expect of a contemporary Yacht Club. Ask the Sunsail staff for more info.
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Source: www.sunsail.com.au
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