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May 12, 2019
Sailing Alone Around the World
Captain Joshua Slocum: A Time-line
  • Went away at age of 14 to-be a prepare on a fishing schooner, but returned house.
  • Kept home permanently at 16 (1860) when their mother died, shipped as ordinary seaman on deep-water cruising boats, business vessels to European countries therefore the U.S.
  • Obtained their first command from the California shore in 1869, and sailed for 13 many years out-of san francisco bay area to Asia, Australia, the Spice Islands, and Japan.
  • Married an US woman, Virginia Albertina Walker, on January 31, 1871, at Sydney, Australian Continent.
  • Built a steamer for an Uk designer in Subic Bay, P.I., in 1874.
  • Bought stocks in and commanded the three-skysailyard ship Northern Light in 1882, considered at the time by many becoming the best American ship afloat.
  • Sold the Northern Light and bought the bark Aquidneck in 1884. In identical year, his partner Virginia died (July 25) and ended up being buried in Buenos Aires.
  • Wedded Henrietta M. Elliott ("Hettie") in 1886.
  • Made several voyages in the Aquidneck before she ended up being lost in 1887 on a sand lender off the coast of Brazil.
  • The Libergade, a 35-foot cruising canoe, built after the stranding; Slocum sails with Hettie and his oldest and youngest sons to Washington, D.C., 5000 kilometers away.
  • Voyage regarding the Liberdade published in 1890 at Slocum's cost.
  • In 1892, a pal, Captain Eben Pierce, provides Slocum a ship that "wants some repairs" Slocum goes to Fairhaven, MA to find that the "ship" is a rotting old oyster sloop propped up in an area. It will be the Spray.
  • Slocum images Voyage of Destroyer from ny to Brazil in 1893, once again at his own cost.
  • Slocum returns, cruising into Newport, RI, on June 27, 1898 in the tiny sloop Spray and after single-handedly sailing throughout the world, a passage of 46, 000 miles. This historic success made him the patron saint of small-boat voyagers, navigators and adventurers all over the world.
  • Sailing Alone worldwide published in book kind in 1900 by The Century business. It defines his experiences with this adventurous voyage and became an immediate most readily useful vendor. It has been converted into many languages, and is still in publications today.
  • Slocum purchases first residence on land in 1902, a farm in the area of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.
  • Slocum sails each winter towards the tropics, 1905 - 1906, time for brand new The united kingdomt during summer.
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