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February 12, 2021
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JBBS1The Junior Big Boat Sailing (JBBS) plan is an opportunity for teens to sail with a teacher, or coach, on 35-45 foot well-outfitted sailboats. The JBBS program is structured round the utilization of a volunteered big ship lent to be used towards the system by a club member, owner, or volunteer just who receives no settlement for use of the watercraft or its equipment. The program enables new sailors to master the ropes on a huge ship platform – or skilled junior sailors can apply their small boat sailing skills to a new challenge. The JBBS system features enjoyable, social and teamwork. With JBBS skills, teenagers can be valuable staff on cruising ships and club racers. This system provides an introduction to Big Boat cruising through a framework of skills made to offer teenagers with the sources to participate in overnight cruises or weekly race series.

United States Sailing has continued to develop a Junior Big Boat Guide (preview below) which provides a step-by-step guide for creating the program and eight (8) lesson intends to run this program. Furthermore, the Guide features a copy of U.S. Coast Guard exemption permitting amount 1 Instructors to facilitate this system without creating a “for hire” scenario. United States Sailing has additionally created a few Cue Cards which provide a positional guide for the sailors involved in the program. The Cue Cards, fundamental Keelboat and a Certification of Completion can be found as a packaged offering through United States Sailing shop.

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