Sailing around world

April 9, 2019
Sailing around the world

"that is our life for the past 16 years - it's been a phenomenal knowledge."

Clive and Jane Green during a visit to a glacier in brand new Zealand (Wales Information)

The couple, keen sailors all of their everyday lives, bought their 1981 Trident Challenger boat in 1997 for £16, 500. Then they invested many months, and £20, 000, carrying it out up.

That they had rented out their home in Wales but desired to observe they coped collectively before tackling a sea crossing. These were in addition not sure should they had enough money, and wished to observe much they'd must survive the yacht.

But their maiden voyage had been a success while the couple decided to carry on.

From Spain they sailed toward Cape Verde islands and across the Atlantic to Barbados before island-hopping through the Caribbean.

Then they sailed up the east coastline of The united states, preventing in ny for a three-day shopping and sight-seeing travel.

After four years at ocean, they marketed their property definition there is no turning right back. They invested the amount of money into two smaller properties, and used the local rental earnings to assist fund the journey.

But it meant Mr Green, 60, who worked for aimpotencetilita utility,companys Green, a hospital microbiology technician, had to survive on £130 a week, bartering theirir few belongings for supplies, even swapping one of Mrs Green’s Marks and Spencer bras for a sack of fresh fruit and vegetables on a small island off Fiji.

"The tribe didn't speak any English so that it was difficult to acquire down everything we could trade, ” Mrs Green stated.

"But one of several women unexpectedly lifted up her jumper to expose her bare tits and I realised she required a bra.

"we provided the girl a spare certainly one of my own therefore we left with enough fruit and veg to last us monthly."

From America, they headed north to Canada before journeying right down to the Panama Canal, crossing the Pacific to Australasia, after that up through Indonesia to South East Asia, over to India and through Suez Canal towards Mediterranean where they've spent the last few years.

During their trip, they saw orangutans moving through the trees in Borneo, swam with seals from the Galapagos Islands and viewed sparks shooting into the evening sky from a working volcano in Fiji.

They also encountered turtles as well as a giant Sei whale - larger than their 35ft yacht called Jane G.

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