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May 25, 2022

CLC SailRig MK IITracing the advancement of a Kayak Sailing Rig

CLC SailRig Mark II, mounted on a stock Chesapeake 17. Going quickly, the kayak rudder is just dangling on...

I am sure the impulse to rig kayaks for sailing is old. A hull shape effortlessly driven with a paddle is even more straightforward to drive with a sail. Naturally, a proper kayak is quite thin, so any attempt to carry sail upwind outcomes betimes in a capsize. Outriggers are essential.

The CLC SailRig adds outrigger hulls to transform a kayak (or canoe) into a cruising trimaran. This outfit tends to make a delightfully practical sailboat. Attached to an individual touring kayak, the all-up fat is probably 75lbs, and disassembled is small enough to transfer on the roof of a small vehicle. The excess speed indicates you can contemplate lengthy camp-cruising passages. An abundance of spacing between crossbeams and floats ("amas" could be the appropriate term) enable an ordinary kayak swing. The amas sit away from water at rest, so they cannot slow you down while paddling.

Paddling is still easy with an individual or double-bladed paddle.

Hundreds and countless the CLC SailRigs have been built from kits and plans. In 17 many years the rig 's been around, I invested hours debating with builders perhaps the result ended up being a trimaran sailboat, or a converted kayak. It will be the latter. On a spectrum of speed potential, a CLC SailRig-equipped kayak is startlingly fast, but it cannot contend with newer-generation Hobies and Nacra beach kitties. I get many hopeful e-mails finding the evasive 00 20-knot sailboat.Paddling a CLC SailRig We should address the rate concern right at the start. Beach cat rates are typically out of reach for kayak conversion rates, for these reasons:

  1. The standard kayak hull is optimized in several ways for speeds of just 3 to 5 miles per hour. Add a sail and you will double that, yet not quadruple it. Kayaks have actually reasonable prismatic coefficients, that laymen's terms suggests the stern will squat and cause drag while you progress actually quickly. Additionally, the skinny, fine-bowed kayak hull is more likely to be a submarine when driven difficult, which will be fun only quickly, and not quickly.
  2. Once again, as they are enhanced for paddling, kayaks are usually structurally slight. A Hobie 16 has actually a 26-foot mast and 218 square feet of sail. Transplanted into a kayak, the compression lots through the heavy mast and also the huge thrust would simply break many kayaks in two. Could the kayak be reinforced sufficiently? With difficulty, yes, but see (1); you've kept the incorrect hull form to go 20 knots.
  3. The outriggers ("amas") should be large to deal with racing-cat speeds.Kayak SailRig Lashings The rule of thumb, if you are designing a sailing trimaran from scratch, is they need to be 120% to 200% of this displacement associated with entire rig. So essentially you had need three identical kayaks, that is many expensive okoume and epoxy. The 10-foot hulls when you look at the CLC SailRig, with about 200lbs maximum displacement, are large enough for enjoyable cruising but small adequate to stop wasting time and cheap to develop and also to carry-on the roof racks.

So just how quickly can a kayak-conversion go? I heard reports north of 10 knots, that will be inside the architectural restrictions regarding the CLC SailRig and, given exactly how near you sit into water, is like 25. And that is enjoyable. Miles of marketing copy is dedicated to various sailing kayaks, but in so far as I know, not much design analysis. Tracing the 17-year advancement of CLC's kayak sailing transformation will illustrate the difficulties and compromises involved.

CLC SailRig Mark We on a CLC Tred Avon Double.

CLC SailRig Mark IIICLC's first kayak sailing rig, from 1995, ended up being an effort to make a kayak into a serious sailboat without despoiling the kayak. The very carefully proportioned outrigger plan, significantly unimaginatively dubbed the "CLC SailRig, " would fit on any narrow, low-sided boat, which can be to express all kayaks and smaller canoes. Untold a huge selection of the rigs had been built from the programs. Only today, while shopping for pictures for the old rig, Bill Cotton emailed this chance of a Mark we CLC SailRig, using what seems to be the recommended 12-foot hulls and a sail borrowed in one of Hobie's smart styles. It is mounted on a CLC Tred Avon Double kayak. He reports that it's extremely fast.

The Mark I became streamlined and appealing. It had been additionally rather challenging build. The crossbeams ("akas, " in the arcane multihull lingo) socketed in to the hulls. Creating these sockets in order that they were strong adequate for lots but don't drip ended up being nearly impossible. Both of the demo model Mark I's that we built leaked through sockets. The hulls utilized the "tortured plywood" process. Each and every hull had yet another shape on the basis of the unique moisture and bending qualities for the plywood.

The plan to install the rig to your kayak must enable near-infinite variability in kayak deck and hull design. The Mark I utilized heavy aluminum brackets through-bolted to the side of the kayak. This left eight huge bare bolt holes if the kayak was returned to paddling responsibility, and I nearly destroyed fingers machining the brackets when it comes to kits. We never really specified a sailing rig for the Mark we, watching there had been already good quality off-the-shelf kayak sails. Most designers simply repurposed a sail from a windsurfer or cruising dinghy.

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