Sailing The Channel Islands

September 30, 2021
Sailboat rental and overnight
Arid problems dominate regarding south coast.

Going Ashore on Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz Island is approximately 25 miles long and a skoshi under 100 square kilometers, which makes it the largest island into the Channel Islands string.

The shoreline provides a microcosm of California: pine and pine on north coast and arid, nearly wilderness in the south, and a place strangely reminiscent of Maui from the far western cliffs.

The Eastern one-fourth associated with island is managed because of the nationwide Park Service no permits are needed for landing; but there are numerous areas having constraints. See Boating information for National Park Service treatments and constraints for the Channel Islands.


Lookout_Prisoners_fsThere are more than 15 instantly anchorages and many more which can be used in settled problems. You should use the chart near the top of the page to select anchorages for further study.

You can easily anchor in almost any regarding the spots delineated, even ones next to Nature Conservancy holdings, but you cannot go-ashore without a permit if you’re gonna move base on Nature Conservancy home.

If you’ve got questions about sailing inside our area, just offer me, Capt. Dan a call at 805.750.7828


Always sail with up-to-date NOAA charts and have them current utilizing the once a week regional Notice to Mariners. And prior to you heading away, check weather condition on VHF as well as on line. Also check always NPS for warnings and closures.

The Channel Islands tend to be known as the Galapagos of the united states. Discovered by Europeans in 1542, there’s many history. If you were to think associated with First countries, as Canadians make reference to the earliest residents of united states, a brief history goes back to a long time before Jesus, in reality, a long time before Moses.

Click the link above to know about the plants and creatures of Santa Cruz Island including about the critters — the whales, dolphins, porpoises, seafood and so on — that inhabit our seas. And acquire a tiny taste of this reputation for this grand nationwide park.

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