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January 27, 2014
Motor Sailboats in the
How long could I go without recharging?

The length of time may I go without recharging?

There are various elements in determining how long it is possible to go before you decide to need to charge. Winds, tides, currents, loads, propeller type, vessel rate and electric battery size are a handful of instances. With a generator aboard operating time are extended or made constant.

Just what do I get with my EP engine buy?

When buying an Elco E-Power System, you’re not just obtaining a motor, you’re purchasing all of the essential components to power the vessel with electric propulsion, excluding the batteries and charger. This includes the E-Gauge IV, Throttle, Ignition Key, Power On Light, Energy Increase Button, Controller/AC Inverter, and 15’ Pre-Wired Harness. All Elco system components tend to be pre-wired for “plug & play” set up. With batteries configured, one's body is ready to go in mins. Re-powering with electric is far less complex than changing a diesel because there are no gas, air conditioning or exhaust lines, throttle linkages, moving linkages, or specific wires to deal with. E-Power Electric Hybrid choices consist of generators and/or solar/ wind components to meet continuous cruising requires.

New Electrical 101Plug & Play

  • Elco Electrical Engine

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    The Elco EP Motor is an asynchronous (or completely enclosed) and bonded three-phase brushless AC induction engine, that provides severe dependability and efficiency with just one going part, (the rotor), mounted on two completely sealed deep grooved baseball bearings.

    The bearings have actually a functional solution lifetime of 50, 000 hours.

    This “plug & play” system has actually all wiring and energetic power components totally enclosed in a marine grade aluminum casting which is rated at IP-65.

  • Power Charger * Optional

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  • E-Gauge IV

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    Monochrome Liquid Crystal Display Screen

    What do I have with my EP Motor purchase?Elco is the just company that offers this exact and informative “real time” information.

    The battery lender configurations tend to be automated.

    Fault indicators: The fault information precisely informs the skipper precisely what the condition of the machine is. This eliminates time consuming guesswork and difficulty shooting for quicker fixes.

    The connect is water-tight and connects to its spouse regarding the wiring use.

  • Ignition Key

    Single pole, two-position “OFF/ON”

    IP-65 Ranked

    Water-tight plug that links to its spouse in the wiring harness.

    Built-In Safety Feature: If the system is turned on in addition to throttle is in gear, the system wont operate, a red-light will flash, plus the power measure panel will identify exactly what the fault is.

    15′ Standard Length

  • Throttle

    Elco provides a sealed assembly system that provides “precise variable speed control”. Throttle may be thrown into reverse immediately for reduced stopping distances and much better docking ability.

    Sealed assembly system that provides smooth moving from forward to reverse and right back.

    Chrome plated for defense against corrosion and it is for sale in monochrome.

    The connect is water-tight and connects to its mate on the wiring use.

    Part mount throttle is also readily available.

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