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November 16, 2016
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A Westerly 22 sailboat off Plymouth UK

Just What Exactly Do We Really Want From Our Cruising Sailboats?

We place this concern to a small grouping of my cruising friends clustered around the bar within my local sailing club on a wet and windy October night.

Unsurprisingly maybe, views were diverse – one skipper also insisting that a plumbed-in washing machine was crucial on ‘proper’ cruising sail ships. Another felt that cruising should be closer to camping than a luxury resort knowledge.

Incidentally, I became closer in spirit to him than his colleague, believing that way too many recognized ‘home comforts’ in sailboats can in fact detract through the cruising knowledge.

Not likely way too many cruising comforts about this Westerly 22...

A Lot Of Complexity?

There’s a superb stability becoming struck between complexity and convenience, or you’ll end up investing far more time (and cash) maintaining all kit than sailing the vessel.

Even though the gadgets are nice to have once they're working, each of them eat electrical energy putting extra strain on our power generation systems.

If you should be fortunate enough becoming fitting out a bluewater sailboat it is tempting to weight it down with kinds of 'useful stuff', but first think about, " Do I really want it, or is simply something different to go wrong and tie up my valuable sailing time in upkeep and restoration?"

But, returning to our sailing club bar discussion. All the normal arguments arose — multihull versus monohull; hefty displacement versus light displacement; centre cockpit versus aft seat; sloop versus ketch; tiller or wheel steering, long keel versus fin keel etc, etc.

Hull product arrived to it also — GRP (fiberglass), ferrocement, aluminum, steel and cedar strip building every having their particular enthusiastic devotees. As performed how many hulls; monohull, catamaran or trimaran?

An Allied Pricess 36 sailboat under sailwe're able ton’t even agree on the best interior design or even the shape and location of the seat, although we-all decided on the advantages of an L-shaped galley within foot of the companionway - however when I foolishly proposed some great benefits of a water ballast system in a cruising watercraft no-one thought I happened to be becoming really serious.

The primary Traits of the Best Cruising Sailboats

So consensus didn’t come effortlessly, but after a heated discussion and a few even more beers, we agreed that couple of experienced cruising sailboaters would argue resistant to the following requirements:

  • quickly manageable by a little team;
  • comfortable movement underway;
  • good overall performance under sail;
  • high resistance to capsize;
  • adequate inner volume for comfortable residing aboard;
  • powerful and easy to steadfastly keep up;
  • inexpensive to possess and operate;

It was obviously going to be impractical to agree any purchase of precedence in this particular listing, but after another alcohol we performed find a way to condense the list into these four fundamental attributes:~

Finally however, most of us conceded that you just can’t contain it all-in cruising sailboats, even though much deeper your pocket the nearer to it you can get.


We-all liked the concept of free power from sun, therefore solar panels got everyone's endorsement, as performed windchargers to an inferior degree - it had been the noise connected with windchargers that noted all of them down.

During my view you will need them both, as the sun isn't constantly shining -especially during the night!

As an enormous lover of windvane self-steering gears i'd always select this over an electrical automatic pilot when under sail. Not every person purchased into this however, muttering about 'all that scaffolding cluttering within the straight back of otherwise attractive cruising ships'.

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