Bareboat Sailing School

July 11, 2022
Sailing school

Blue Water Sailing class employs globally accepted standards of the American Sailing Association (ASA). We offer fundamental, intermediate and advanced level courses in sailing and navigation. Our week-long, live-aboard program format supplies the many immersive environment possible and a more thorough experience than being included just a couple hours each and every day. Yes, we have textbooks and needed reading, but that’s to get ready you for “hands on” instruction and rehearse.

We not only show cruising techniques, we prepare you for a sailor’s life-style.

Our programs are summarized here. You should check access and times, inquire about a specific class, and/or apply online by clicking the Enroll today button. For complete facts about the ASA curriculum, understand ASA program Summaries. Information about class times, treatments, policies, and equipment can be found in our FAQ and Travel Planning areas.

Program A: Bareboat Skipper

Our preferred program - learn how to sail and become qualified for bareboat chartering and big watercraft cruising. This program combines the essential Sailing (ASA 101), Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103), and Bareboat Chartering (ASA 104) amounts of the ASA curriculum. No previous knowledge or certification is necessary for this program. If you’re brand-new to sailing, however, it’s extremely important to analyze and prepare before the first day of course. You’ll receive course material beforehand to help you do this.

Course A+ Cat: Bareboat Catamaran Skipper

Learn how to sail and Bareboat Charter a cruising catamaran. Includes sets from Course A+: Bareboat Skipper (above), with extra catamaran training that fits the ASA Cruising Catamaran (ASA 114) certification standard.

Course N: Coastal Navigation

A home research system for Coastal Navigation - ASA 105. Expense includes textbooks, DVD, training chart, testing and official certification costs. Testing is going to be done straight away ahead of the beginning of program C or Course C Cat. This course or earlier official certification in ASA 105 (Coastal Navigation) is required when it comes to Advanced Coastal Cruising (ASA 106) certification.


Program C: Advanced Coastal Skipper

Within course for experienced coastal sailors you’ll find out higher level seamanship skills, maintenance, and troubleshooting of boat methods. Leaving from our Fort Lauderdale base, this program includes a Gulf Steam crossing to Bimini, Bahamas. After a couple of days cruising the Bimini isles, you’ll make a return crossing regarding the Gulf flow to Fort Lauderdale.

This program covers the relevant skills and knowledge essential to attain the Advanced Coastal Cruising (ASA 106) official certification, with practical application for the Coastal Navigation (ASA 105) product.

Needs past certification in ASA 101, 103, and 104. These are made as part of Course A+ - Bareboat Skipper (above). Additionally calls for previous official certification in ASA 105 - Coastal Navigation, or concurrent registration in Course N (overhead).

Course C+ Cat: Advanced Catamaran Skipper

A class for experienced coastal sailors, where you’ll apply the navigation principle of Coastal Navigation (ASA 105) on a passageway to the Bahamas and straight back. Learn and practice advanced seamanship skills, onboard maintenance, and troubleshooting of boat systems.

This course addresses the skills and understanding essential to attain the Advanced Coastal Cruising (ASA 106) official certification, with program associated with Coastal Navigation (ASA 105) material. In addition it includes training and certification for ASA 114, Cruising Catamaran.

Pupils need prior certification in ASA 101, 103, and 104 (won in Course A - Bareboat Chartering, above). Also calls for earlier certification in ASA 105 - Coastal Navigation, or concurrent subscription in Course N (above).

Program D: Celestial Navigation

Kindly ask for rates and supply.

Program O: Offshore Passagemaking

The ultimate in sailing knowledge plus the greatest degree of ASA certification. Upon effectively completing this course you’ll manage to work as captain or staff on sailing yachts up to 50 foot, around the globe, in any condition. An unforgettable experience of open ocean and faraway islands. Needs all past ASA certifications, except Cruising Catamaran (ASA 114).

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