Sailboat types

August 8, 2023
Popular Types of Sailboats

These are generally 14–20 feet in total mainly used for daysailing. These are typically quickly boats that need some agility to sail. They've superficial drafts if the dagger boards tend to be up for beaching.

Cruising Catamaran

The larger relative regarding the coastline catamaran, they really share more in keeping with a cruising mono-hull. They have accommodation for longer cruising. They've been steady platforms with shallow drafts. They are 25–50+ legs in length.

Cruising Sailboat

Usually 16–50+ feet in length, these ships tend to be cabins for longer cruising. Ships larger than 26 legs normally have standing headroom down below. Many of the popular designs have large fleets and tend to be raced or have fleet associations for group cruising.


These boats are generally 14–20 legs long. They could seat as much as 4 individuals. Due to the fact name implied they are designed for time use with a small cuddy cabin for storing gear. Many can accommodate a tiny outboard. They make a great choice for new boaters.


Motorsailers tend to be sailboats which can be driven with inboard engines capable of enabling lengthy cruises under power or sail. They've deluxe accommodations and in most cases 35 foot and over. As with every vessel that's attempting to do more than one thing properly they're a compromise giving up cruising rate due to an inferior rig and added weight for the engine and bigger gasoline and liquid tanks.


This is a hybrid of the cruising motorboat created to accommodate overnight cruising but trimmed aided by the equipment for competitive rushing. These are generally usually 25 legs and over.

Racing Sailboats

These ships resemble cruising ships but have more equipment and are usually built less heavy, with Spartan hotels. They may not be designed to be a comfortable ride, just a quick one. These ships are usually 20–70+ foot in total. Equally they are associated with cruising boats, you can find smaller, faster cousins of sailing dinghies being also raced.

Sailing Dinghies

Small (Under 15 legs) These boats are several individual boats. These are ships that guarantee a wet trip. There are many large fleets of much more popular designs. Many are competitively raced. They have been an ideal choice for people who are not used to sailing.

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