Bosham Sailing Club

May 28, 2021
Bosham Sailing Club

This current year the Club will once more be offering RYA Young courses, mature Training Courses, begin Racing, Intermediate Racing and Powerboat classes as much as amount 2 including Safety Boat Courses. Besides these water based programs there'll additionally be shore based classes during the winter months including ‘RYA Yachtmaster & Day Skipper Theory’, VHF Radio and Diesel system programs, information on which is circulated over summer and winter and discovered regarding the backlinks below.

The Bosham Sailing Club paths for mature and Youth Training describes the development through various classes offered by the Club. Kindly click the backlinks below to decide to try the appropriate pathway.

Inside preceding Schedules you'll find times and details of the cruising programs throughout 2017. We now have contained in the Pathways information on minimum entry demands and course syllabus to assist people in deciding which courses tend to be ideal for those taking part. If you're not sure which course could be the appropriate, please check with any office or even the Club Bosun, who's the principle teacher, as refunds may not be made where a candidate is registered for an unsuitable training course. Bookings for several courses are now actually open.

Race Training for Oppie, Mirror, Topper, and Lasers follows the same design as with earlier many years. The minimal entry requirement is RYA Youth Sailing Stage 3 or equivalent knowledge (those who find themselves maybe not only at that amount cannot regrettably be accepted regarding course). Comprehensive details will likely be offered by the relevant course Captains.

The Club at this time has actually 20 dinghies in total for training, comprising of 12 x Optimists, 6 x RS Feva’s and 2 x Laser Bahia’s. These ships are offered for those taking part in RYA courses and you will be allocated because of the Course teacher.

Very Own Boat Tuition

You can easily should you desire, use your very own watercraft for instruction or 1:1 tuition. But if inside opinion of the teacher the watercraft just isn't considered in an appropriate problem nor suitably prepared for education, we reserve the ability to decline it happening water, without any recourse to reimbursement. In checking the equipment from the boats, only really small repair works or improvements might be undertaken by the trainers on the part of the Club. Parents must sign the disclaimer that their particular fee's ship has sufficient buoyancy. Boats useful for tuition needs to be guaranteed to about £2m Third Party responsibility and also this must add to be used on training courses. All safety measures should be taken fully to make sure the security of most individuals and ships, but due to the nature of learning, ships could have minor collisions. Neither the Club nor the instructors will undoubtedly be responsible for any harm to the ships engaging plus own motorboat can be used at a threat. We for that reason suggest that Club boats can be used for training courses.

1 to at least one Tuition

The Club also can offer one to one tuition for you or your child in a choice of a Club boat or yours ship. Should you want to make use of your very own ship please ensure you have actually read the part above. If you wish to use a Club motorboat after that there will be the appropriate hire fee plus a teacher fee of £20 each hour or if the instructor must make use of among the Club RIB’s, then your Instructor fee would be £40 each hour. But this service must be authorized because of the Club Chief Instructor (Club Bosun) or perhaps in their lack the Club Secretary, before it could be scheduled through Office as a result of needs upon Club sources.


If you wish to join a course and so are currently not a BSC member you may possibly join as a temporary member throughout the course. Temporary membership is £20 per day for Club Courses. In the event that you consequently choose to join BSC this is deducted from first year charges.

RYA Powerboat Amount 2

This program offers the skills and background knowledge required by a reliable powerboat driver and it is the cornerstone associated with the Overseas Certificate of Competence.

RYA Protection Boat

Widely acclaimed as one of the most useful sailing courses available, this gives the abilities needed whenever acting as an escort craft, protective vessel or coach vessel for a fleet of dinghies but includes tips recuperate a variety of various watercraft. Minimum entry level RYA Powerboat degree 2.

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