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November 5, 2018
Monkbarns officers and
Tallship Picton Castle docked in Lunenburg

The Picton Castle and Our Sail Training Program

The Picton Castle is subscribed in the Cook isles, in the Southern Pacific, and it is owned and run by the Windward Isles Sailing Ship business, Ltd. The ship's objective is deep-ocean sail training and long-distance training. Additionally, she carries products and academic products to far-flung countries in the Southern Pacific. The woman United States homeport is Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

The ship is an entirely refitted barque that observes the rigorous requirements of Germanischer Lloyds for steel-hulled Cape Horners. She is 179 feet total, with riveted metallic hull, obvious oiled-pine porches, metal masts, and wood and steel yards. She holds 12, 450 sqft of canvas sail. The ship also has a strong 690 hp Burmeister & Wain alpha diesel engine for occasions whenever sailing is certainly not feasible. The galley is on deck, and its 1893 cook stove is comparable to those applied to commercial sailing ships 100 years ago.

There tend to be berths for 40 sail students and 12 expert staff people. (generally about half our students are guys and half ladies. Their many years range between 18 to 60+, utilizing the vast majority under 35.) Sleeping rooms tend to be bunkroom style, in 2 tiers of pilot bunks. Bunks have actually curtains for privacy and specific reading lights.

The Picton Castle is a genuine working tall ship. Sail students participate completely in the ship's operation: dealing with sails, scrubbing the deck, taking a turn in the wheel, increasing anchor, hauling on lines, helping in the galley, going aloft (recommended), and keeping search. You will find instruction courses in seamanship and navigation, lots of possibilities to learn square-rig sailing and, on the globe voyages, to explore exotic tropical ports and countries.

Learn More About the Picton Castle

See the Picton Castle History, view her current place, understand Captain Dan Moreland, get acquainted with the ship's staff, and read about life up to speed.

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