Warsash Sailing Club

September 20, 2022
At Warsash Sailing Club


The two internet sites, Lobster Quay and Shore home, each have actually committed dinghy parks, launching slips and jetties. The Lobster Quay Pound features a totally tarmaced area having its 'floating' slip giving dry foot establishing and data recovery anyway states of this tide. The jetty at Shore House provides deep-water for keel ships again after all says of tide.

Shore Home

Lobster Quay Clubhouse


Shore home club is open 12:00-14:00 each and every day (until 15:00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and a choice of lunches and club meals are available every lunch except Mondays.

Shore House bar is available 20:00-22:30 Tuesday-Thursday, and 20:00-23:00 on Friday.
Suppers and club dishes are available from 20:00-21:30 on Wednesday and Thursday nights when racing is scheduled, even though the race is cancelled.

Weekend sailing events and regattas
Barbecues and club meals are sometimes organized for unique occasions during the summertime. Please check the notice board or contact the relevant sailing committee member.

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