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February 25, 2022
Many Model Sailboats

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Notice: Our editorial policy changed, so every issue will allow space for articles about various other courses, alongside technical articles, aside from the Featured Class. You will no longer need hold back until your course is featured - discover space for articles about all classes in each issue of your Model Yachting magazine.
Speak to your editor for details about simple tips to distribute articles to Model Yachting mag at

Concept of Deadline: The Deadline is the final date for each Editor for submitted product. Staying with due dates is essential to be able to provide on routine. Deadlines would be the last payment dates. Make use of the first due date for many articles and photographs, except Regatta Reports and Class Vews.
*The distribution time for problems to members using the United States Of America First Class choice is three to eight days earlier than the typical membership.

Issue - Featured Class or Unique Function: Unique, Featured Class, Various Other Classes, Technical Articles, & the Images Deadline: Mag Ads & Report Images Deadline: Final Magazine, Regatta Reports & Class News, Deadline: Issue Printed & *Approximate Delivery:

Model Yachting may be the mag associated with the American Model Yachting Association.

The staff associated with magazine consists entirely of AMYA users just who devote hours and hours of their own time to create the book.

Model Yachting is an 8½ X 11" format shade cover publication, printed and distributed to subscribed members of the United states Model Yachting Association, and businesses marketing within Model Yachting.

Model Yachting is normally 60 pages per concern (occasionally less, often more), including function articles, building articles, rushing guidelines explanations, regatta reports, course news and ideas with detailed pictures and drawings, and information about AMYA business.

Over 100 problems have been imprinted since it's beginning, each containing informative articles, reports on model yachting regatta's and occasions, reports regarding the various boat courses and their happenings. Beginning with issue #113 each concern showcased a specific course, these have exemplary tips for construction, cruising, plus...

Contributors should deliver their particular articles and photographs straight to the section editor for where they mean them is put. Kindly proceed with the guidelines/specifications detailed on the Magazine > Authoring and picture Specifications web page with this web site. The editors are typical listed on the call us page. If you are focusing on content for a Featured Class problem, after that send your documents and photos directly to your course Secretary or Magazine Coordinator. Once again, stick to the requirements located on the Magazine > Authoring and Photo Specifications web page.

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