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June 10, 2017
Anyone Have A Drag Boat Scale

Dragboat Posters

Fluid Quarter Mile – Part 1

This poster functions available ships like Sunny Jones’ ‘My Boat Too’, Jerry Fulgham’s ‘Hillbilly’, Ted Faggart’s ‘Superstar’, Bill DeMent’s ‘Sudden Impact’, Steve Coccellato’s ‘Nasty Habit’, Gordon Padgett’s ‘Final Effort’, Jay Haroutunian’s ‘Whiskey River’, Terry Thompson’s ‘Master Blaster’, Jim Benson’s ‘Hot Blooded’, Fred Bray’s ‘Coors Light Silver Bullet’, Jim Ermshar’s ‘Ivory Hunter’, Ron Sapp’s ‘Tuff Toy’, and Scott Boothe’s ‘Spare Change’

Size: 30×20

Price: .99 + Shipping

Hemi Hydro 4Liquid Quarter-mile – Part 2

This poster features a number of the quickest boat in the wonderful world of today, like Clinton Anderson’s ‘Fatal Attraction’, Ron Braaksma’s ‘Madness’, Cliff Bingham’s ‘Money For Nothin’, Lou Osman’s ‘Speed Sport Special’, Roger Method Jr.’s ‘California Hustler’, Rod Corning’s ‘Wasted Nights’, Dean Kirschner’s ‘Blown Crazy’, Kebin Kinsley’s ‘Alabama Express’, Ralph Padilla’s ‘Quarterflash’, Kyle Walker in ‘Spirit of America’, Tom Cantrell’s ‘Beautiful Noise’, Randy Fawks’ ‘Smokin & Strokin’, and Steve Varner’s ‘Caught in Act’

Hemi Hydro3Size: 30×20

We now have V – drive models available

Hemi Hydro Dragboat
We now have V – drive models on the market the Hemi – hydro
Very hard discover. Just 3 in stock.
.99 + Plus Shipping

70 Pontiac Bonneville With Race Boat & Truck

We V – drive designs obtainable the Bonneville Speedboat
Very difficult to locate. Only 0 in stock.
.99 + Plus Shipping

Bad Ass Diecast Top Gas Hydros

The TFH tend to be 1:18 Scale, 13 inch-long
These are the coolest Collectibles you can expect to ever get a hold of!
The capsule opens up, evaluation covers available,
fuel hat starts, They are so very bad Ass!
TFH 9.99 Each
Trailers .99 Each
Plus Shipping

Hemi Hydro5Speed Sports

Problem Son Or Daughter

Loose Cannon

Tandem Axles Trailers

Hot Licks

Nitro Chicken

Black TFH

Paint your own Colors

White TFH

Whiskey River

The utmost effective gas Hydros (TFH) will be the quickest and fastest of this Drag Boat Family. TFH will be the same in principle as the utmost effective gasoline Dragsters racing on asphalt. Nitro burning TFH Engines create 7, 000 HP. TFH can cover the quarter mile in 4.6 seconds at rates exceeding 255 MPH. Half Track (1/8 mile) ET’s of 2.8 moments and rates over 200 MPH within 600 feet. Many TFH weigh near to 4, 000 weight and employ two propellers to utilize the 7, 000 HP into the liquid.

The ships are precise and in the majority of elements there were real drawings delivered to China, through the Hull, Mags, Drive Assembly, Capsule, Roll Cage and motor components, this project took sixteen months to create.

1:18 Scale TFH Diecast is approximately 13 ½” longer and 5 ½” broad. Real motorboat is more or less 20’ long

v-drive model 1970 Bonneville 001 speedsport1 Problem_child5 diecast trailer blower foot throtle 011
Source: dragboatcity.com
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