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May 17, 2017
The Best Boats for Sailing
a person deals with the hull of Energy Observer on Sept. 6 in Saint-Malo, western France. The Energy Observer will be the first independent ship powered by hydrogen and green energy.A man deals with the hull for the Energy Observer on Sept. 6 in Saint-Malo, western France. The power Observer is the first independent boat run on hydrogen and renewable power. - LOIC VENANCE/AFP/Getty Images

The first ship is solely run on green energy will set sail for just what its team hopes is a historical around-the-world trip, the Agence France-Presse reported today.

The power Observer, a vessel that hopes to follow inside footsteps of this solar-fueled plane Solar Impulse, plans to start its trip in February and total its voyage over six years. It draws power from sunshine, wind and self-generated hydrogen.

At this time docked in France’s west coastline, the power Observer is going to be designed with solar energy panels, wind turbines and gear that will breakdown liquid to make hydrogen and air for fuel. The ship had been used by a champion sailing group before researchers got it the renewable power task.

Retrouvez Victorien et Jérôme à 14h30 à l'@OceanClimax à @DarwinBdx #oceanclimax #bordeaux #energyobserver

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The upgrade will definitely cost $4.72 million plus the task is a relationship between naval architects plus the CEA-Liten analysis institute, an organization dedicated to developing green power technology. A rendering shows an infinitely more futuristic-looking vessel.

Première : un bateau autonome se prépare pour child trip du monde @enedis #partenaire

— L'important (@Limportant_fr)

As had been the hope using the Solar Impulse, technology applied to the boat could lead to building technology for extensive use. One possibility is integrating hydrogen storage into homes as a power supply. This kind of storage space can shop 20 times more energy than conventional electric batteries, a project head informed AFP.

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