Catamaran sailing around the world

April 27, 2017
Flamingo Cay, Two Palms Bay, where we found just one hand!We left Rocky aim at 8 am in good climate but better than that -the violent storm hadn’t blown a hole through the motorboat although we slept! We had a fantastic sail hoofing along at 8- 9 knots almost all of the method with Main and Genoa up but both feeling very fatigued after yesterday getting little rest until 4am when the storm abated but awakened at 6 by a wonderful dawn chorus.

At 3pm we arrived at Flamingo Cay, we're able to see three various other masts over the area but all were in a bay of their own. There clearly was in addition a fishing ship called dual M at anchor.

We had opted for an area in 2 Palms Bay and headed to locate ourselves in identical bay as a boat called Gillean as there was a lot of area though we could only spot one hand perhaps not two, this was something of a mystery to us!

Fishing boat dual MWe were simply establishing the bridle up whenever we heard a vocals phoning to united states, it was the guy through the various other yacht whom launched himself as Doug from Gillean. We chatted for a while and then he invited us to participate him for a bonfire on beach later at night.

So now with time to flake out and luxuriate in so we squandered almost no time in getting into the liquid in which we were delighted to locate a marvellous reef simply off our stern with numerous seafood in huge numbers but one solitary seafood took the show and grabbed our interest along with its fascination of elegant fins therefore hypnotic and tempting yet screaming at united states maintain away ….. yes, a Lion Fish. Our interest had been captivated by this graceful mover but we kept far sufficient away to simply take no dangers. Just about all about the Lionfish is venomous, featuring its tan and white zebra stripes, very long, showy pectoral fins, and generally cantankerous demeanor every little thing about it claims, “Don’t touch!”

Right back at Suliere we established Splish and Splash and paddled ashore with your snorkel gear at to explore the rocky undercut for the island together with shoreline.Gillean, our companion Doug's motorboat. as stated Lesley is not outstanding swimmer but found some confidence to take-off the woman float aid and plunge to pick up Sand Dollars through the base which believed like great development. In such a lovely bay we're able ton’t assist but mess around and explore.

We question along the shore and locate some amazing fossilised conch shells completely maintained and wonder just how old they may be.

Mystery solved! We discover second palm of Two Palms Bay but sadly it absolutely was no further standing.

Around 7 we joined Doug on coastline the bonfire using some beverages with us. We shortly got the bonfire going, Lesley got hectic collecting sticks and tending the fire, stated it bought aside the woman woman Guiding instincts, unfortuitously we had no marshmallows to toast! We sat around talking and revealing our journeys stories until late. 3 shooting stars dazzled united states along with their brilliance and made the afternoon total. Sigh!

We head off in Slurpy to explore a bit more for this stunningly beautiful, unspoilt uninhabited island. We saw a large turtle who arrived quite close then again d0ve down and then we destroyed sight of him even as we headed towards a rusty ship wreck that most likely had a tale to tell. Beautiful shores atlanta divorce attorneys cove and pristine snorkelling every-where.

The Lion of Flamingo Cay We Kayak ashore to ecplore regarding beach we find fossilised Conch shells Mystery solved!  We discover 2nd hand of Two Palms Bay but unfortunately it absolutely was no more standing.
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