Sailing around the world Alone

March 16, 2017
After sailing around the

The classic vacation narrative of a Don Quixote-of-the-seas – the initial man to circumnavigate the whole world singlehandedly.

Joshua Slocum’s autobiographical account of their solo travel around the world the most remarkable – and entertaining – travel narratives of all time. Setting off alone from Boston aboard the thirty-six-foot wood sloop Spray in April 1895, Captain Slocum proceeded to become listed on the ranks of world’s great circumnavigators – Magellan, Drake, and Cook. But by circling the world without team or consorts, Slocum would outdo them all: their three-year solo voyage of greater than 46, 000 miles remains unequaled in maritime record for its nerve, skill, and dedication.

recounts Slocum’s wonderful activities: hair-raising activities with pirates off Gibraltar and savage Indians in Tierra del Fuego; raging tempests and treacherous coral reefs; traveling catch breakfast in the Pacific; and a hilarious visit with other explorer Henry Stanley in Southern Africa. A century later on, Slocum’s incomparable book endures among the greatest narratives of adventure ever before written.

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