Black Sails IMDB

May 14, 2018
Ray Stevenson | Project Fandom

Flint's bombardment wrecks the fort's defenses till he can order his men to the beach. Miranda comes encourage him to abandon the attack to save lots of Vane's prisoner, the Carolina governor Peter Ashe's child Abigail, but Flint doubts if even her relief can restore Peter's benevolent attitude, given their current cruelty towards piracy. They remember just how Lord Alfred Hamilton features their boy Thomas devoted to a lunatic asylum and and disowned Anne as adulteress to cover up Thomas's gay affair utilizing the future Flint. Silver held Billy chained to evaluate his attitude towards Flint, but now frees him. Jack saves his captaincy and brothel by accepting the team's need to discard Anne.


Captain Flint: The only thing i am ashamed of is I didn't make a move to truly save him as soon as we had the chance. That rather, I paid attention to you.
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Black Sails Theme and Variants
Published by Bear McCreary
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