Single handed sailing race around the world

April 3, 2017
Entrants Step Forward For Race

At 16h 57mn 30s GMT this 25 December 2016, Thomas Coville crossed the conclusion line situated some six kilometers overseas of Le Créac’h lighthouse regarding the area of Ushant (Finistère), to accomplish the singlehanded round the globe battle against the time clock under sail aboard a multihull, the big trimaran Sodebo Ultim’.

In that way, he put a unique singlehanded record in a period of 49 days 3 hours 7 mins and 38 seconds (subject to endorsement by the WSSRC), enhancing in the earlier record set by Francis Joyon by 8 times 10h 26 mn and 28s. Thomas covered 28, 400 miles at an extraordinary typical speed of 24.10 knots (52, 596 kilometres at 44km/h).

When you look at the half-light of this keeps of every single day obscured by a mist that completely enveloped the cliffs of the Breton island of Ushant, the 48-year old skipper added two final gybes (change of tack because of the wind regarding the stern, that will be a manoeuvre as technical since it is actual) before finally appreciating deliverance. Appropriate till the very last, he drove their 31-metre lengthy, 21-metre large trimaran at an infernal speed, sparing no work in manoeuvring his massive motorboat just as if he had been sailing completely crewed. Along the way, the solamente sailor secured the 3rd most readily useful time throughout the world, whether it's contested in singlehanded or crewed setup (1).

On 6 November 2016 at 13:49 GMT, Thomas set sail on their 5th attempt at breaking the record set by Francis Joyon in January 2008 of 57 days and 13 hours. This performance ended up being simply exemplary at the time. The skipper for the trimaran Idec significantly improved regarding record organized to this point by Briton, Ellen MacArthur. Actually, it's worth noting that we now have only three folks worldwide to possess dared to strike the singlehanded, non-stop, unassisted across the world record aboard a multihull: Francis Joyon, Ellen MacArthur and Thomas Coville.

After seven weeks at a mad pace, Thomas Coville features drawn down a crazy gamble: singlehandedly operating his 31-metre lengthy and 21-metre wide trimaran loaded with a 35-metre large mast carrying around 680 square metres of sail area, in order to become the quickest guy across the world in solo setup.

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