Sailing winch handle

April 11, 2017
Sailboat Winch Technique 101

By Tom stress

The Past

Whenever we learned how exactly to sail and were fortunate to sail on ships large enough to have winches, the winch handle selection had been either some take down Racelite Southcoast bronze handle with a wooden hold or, if perhaps you were actually fortunate, a Barient chrome over bronze handle with a plastic grip. The choice ended up being small nevertheless price of losing a handle on the part had been still high!

Today's Choice

There clearly was a bewildering selection of winch manages today, produced from brand-new materials like carbon fiber and plastic, with exotic grips and colors. How will you decide which is the best for your boat?


The material of which the handle shaft is created determines its weight, toughness, and value. You can find five alternatives:

Anodized aluminum: light, inexpensive and less durable than bronze or stainless. OK for several uses; lubricant lock–in frequently to stop binding.

Chrome–plated bronze: Heavy, costly, durable. You might never wear it on and sodium water needs forever to hurt it. okay for all utilizes.

Stainless: Heavy, but durable and corrosion evidence. A great material for manages on cruising ships. Usually extremely expensive.

Reinforced Plastic: severely light (they float!), plus they won't damage decks if inadvertently dropped. They're quite versatile in the possession of of a muscular crewman, but we return not many having damaged.

Carbon Fiber: very light, beautifully completed, and powerful. The greatest racing handle. Recommended for skippers with deep pockets.

Lock–in process

Helps it be notably less likely that a winch handle will appear and review along side it, it is slower to place and take away. We recommend lock–in handles for many programs. Never keep a handle in a winch when it is unattended; good training needs you remove it. soon after the sail has-been trimmed.

Non–locking: regarded sometimes as "standard", these handles fit into the plug, but have no locking lever or release button–they only lift (or fallout), and are also easy to pull with one hand.

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